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2013 Chinese Manufacturing PLM Summit Successfully Held in Shanghai

Shanghai China—Supporting by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM), Jiaxing Economy and Information Technology Commission, Wuxi Economy and Information Technology Commission, 2013 Chinese Manufacturing PLM Summit was successfully held in Shanghai on November 28th and 29th.

As one professional R&D event held by the only third party in China, the 2013 Chinese Manufacturing PLM summit has attracted more than 1,000 representatives covering over 20 provinces and many industries like automotive, shipbuilding, electrical, transportation, lighting, machinery, and telecommunication. The summit consists of two subject panels "the way of product innovation in information consumption era" and "implementation and application of digitalization technology in product innovation", three technical seminars: virtualization and simulation in product innovation, integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM, and process management in product innovation, and three industry salons: automotive, machinery, and electronics.

On the morning session of 28th, Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO and Editor-in-Chief gave a speech on “The trend of digital product innovation development and application”, in which he pointed out that the way of product innovation in information consumption era is “design anywhere, build anywhere, and service anywhere”. Deeply and thoroughly applying digitalization technology is also very important for product innovation. Dr. Huang also stressed on collaborating with customers, suppliers, and partners, creating and capturing organization knowledge in a proactive manner, and providing easy, fast access to knowledge, expertise and information among individuals and across organizations.

Dr. Pei Huang

Professional experts from universities, research institutes, and CIOs from large manufacturing companies shared their opinions on the summit. In addition, Mr. Jiyuan Ye, a well know CAE practical expert is invited to host a technical seminars of "virtualization and simulation in product innovation".

Mr. Jiyuan Ye

In the roundtable discussion and interaction session, guests have heated discussions and talks in "the way of product innovation in information consumption era", "implementation and application of digitalization technology in product innovation", "virtualization and simulation in product innovation", "integration of digital design and manufacturing", and "process management in product innovation".

Roundtable Discussion

In addition, representatives in the three salons also have in-depth discussions on practical issues and solutions. Some shared their successful experiences in applying digitalization technology for product innovation.


On 28th gala dinner, Dr. Huang disclosed the winners of 2013 Chinese Manufacturing PLM Summit Collected Papers.

Ansys Marketing Manger Ms. Zhaoli Dong (L), Dr. Pei Huang (R), and the paper winner (M)

More than 30 home and abroad software vendors attended the summit and introduced their solutions, which includes PTC, HP, NVIDIA, Dassault Systems, Siemens PLM, KMsoft, Ruijie Networks, IBM, DS SolidWorks, Yonyou, Leadtek, Altair, Siemens, LMS, DS SIMULIA, THsoft InfoTech, Kingdee PLM, SIPM, United Force Coporation, VANCLOUD etc.

Years of practice has proved that digitalization technologies like CAD, CAE, CAM, CAPP, and PLM have been an inevitable way to realize product innovation and build differentiation competitive advantage. As the rapid development of computing technology, communication technology, and internet technology, the consumption of information products and information service has been playing an important role in boosting nation's economy and stimulating domestic demand.

As one R&D gala held by the only third-party service unit in China, Chinese Manufacturing PLM Summit has been hosted across 8 cities in China since 2005, namely Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Suzhou, Jinan, and Shenzhen. The 2013 PLM Summit is of high standard and good reputation as always. It offers an opportunity for both manufacturers and software vendors to have in-depth conversations together and further help manufacturers understand how to improve their applications and product innovations in the information consumption era.

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