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11th Chinese Manufacturing IT Application Appraisal to be Held in March 2014

e-works, Chinese Digital Enterprise Portal has launched the 2013 Chinese Manufacturing IT Application Appraisal recently. The campaign will vote and evaluate for Chinese manufacturing enterprises: 2013 China Outstanding CEO for the promotion of deep integration of informationization and industrialization, 2013 Chinese Manufacturing Outstanding CIO, 2013 Best Practice of Informationization, and 2013 Best Practice of E-commerce Application.

At the same time, prizes of Chinese Outstanding IT Products and Solutions and Chinese Outstand Software Vendor are waiting for software vendors to compete. Meanwhile, e-works will also disclose 2014 top ten hotspots in both Chinese manufacturing and integration of informationization and industrialization.

The goal of this campaign is to highlight the outstanding business models, CIOs and best practices in Chinese information construction journey. It offers an opportunity to learn and will facilitate the two integrations as well as Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

e-works has been holding Chinese Manufacturing IT Application Appraisal since 2003. For the ten years effort, it has aroused strong repercussions throughout Chinese manufacturing arena and has been the weather vane of technologies, implementation, and industry development in Chinese two convergences journey. The appraisal process includes open solicitation, expertise review, online publication, and online voting. In order to guarantee justice and objectiveness, the campaign is free for all the participants.

Right now, the campaign is in its open solicitation period. Online voting and expertise review will begin from January 2014 to February 2014. The results of the campaign will be disclosed on 2014 Chinese Industry and IT Convergence Forum and 2013 Chinese Manufacturing IT Application Appraisal Award Ceremony. On the occasion, CIOs from the prizewinner enterprises will be invited to the ceremony and share their practice and experience.

Welcome to participate in this high-end and professional event!
For more details please visit: http://www.e-works.net.cn/report/cio2013/awards.html

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