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Chinese manufacturing ten hot topics

e-works is releasing top 10 hot topics in Chinese manufacturing for 2013.

1. Further reformation bring new opportunities for private enterprises
Many specific reform plans have been put forward in the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in 2013, which receives active response in all walks of life. Many people are inspired by these plans. The basic role of market forces in allocating resources has changed into critical role, making more private enterprises excited.

2. Information consumption drives Chinese economic growth
Hu Jingtao's report at 18th CPC National Congress pointed out that we should firmly maintain the strategic focus of boosting domestic demand, speed up the establishment of a long-term mechanism for increasing consumer demand, unleash the potential of individual consumption, increase investment at a proper pace, and expand the domestic market. With the release of The Several Opinions on Promoting the Information Consumption and Boosting Domestic Demand, information consumption has officially become a powerful driver of boosting domestic demand.

3. Advanced equipment manufacturing industry
In 2013, Chinese equipment manufacturing is reaching out to the world represented by high-speed railway, Beidou navigation satellite system, LNG carrier, and marine engineering equipment industry. It is an epitome of advanced Chinese equipment manufacturing and presenting a new Chinese manufacturing image to the world.

4. Internet development model accelerates the transformation of traditional manufacturing.
In the 2013 Chinese Economy Person of the Year Award Ceremony, the president of Gree and the president of Xiaomi bet on whether Xiaomi can exceed Gree's sales after 5 years. The bet between Gree and Xiaomi make us see that under the impact of ecommerce traditional manufacturing transformation is accelerated. It is actually represents the compete between internet ecommerce model and traditional operation model. So in the era of internet, is it marketing for success or manufacturing for success? When internet penetrates life and business, what should the traditional manufacturer Gree do? Will Xiaomi live long and well without entities?

5. Intelligent technology fusion drives manufacturing intelligence and upgrade
Under the situation of promoting the integration of industrialization and informationization, the demand of integrating various intelligent technologies is increasing gradually in the market. Manufacturers are hoping to see the rapid development on intelligent industry. Besides, as labor cost increasing largely, manufacturers are also working on intelligent production mode with high productivity and low costs.

6. Foreign brands haunted with quality issues in China
Once foreign brands in China were regarded with high quality. Any product with a foreign label was given with good reputation and high quality. It is no doubt that foreign companies have brought their advanced technologies, management thoughts, excellent products and high-level service with their products. However, they were haunted with quality issues in recent years in China, which dimmed their halo a lot. On the other side, Chinese companies have a good performance last year, which also brings a challenge for foreign companies.

7. Manufacturing leaders plan crossover development
In 2013, JOYVIO running by Lenovo Holding Ltd. has launched its first product JOYVOI blueberry. Industrial electrical equipment leader CHINT Electrics has invested an agricultural experience sightseeing park in Zhejiang Province. Popular casual wear brand Semir is developing citrus tangerina tea. Now many traditional manufacturing groups are entering new territories and starting a new path in combining manufacturing with service industry and modern agriculture.

8. Industrial competition intensified, traditional manufacturers slogging
Chinese economy were under pressure in 2013. Especially in the second quarter, economic growth was lowered to a critical point of 7.5%. Under this background, Chinese manufacturing is still in its chilly winter. Slowing economic growth, overcapacity, fierce competition, declining profits, all of these disadvantage factors make traditional manufacturing struggling in mud.

9. Frequent hazy weather hasten the development of environmental protection industry
Many areas in China have suffered from haze in 2013. People are starting to pay more attention on environment protection as haze occurs more frequently. Government is also starting to consider the negative effects brought by economic development and make some environmental protection policy. While making policies in handling haze, there are several tens of billions-scale enterprises dealing with air population. In this subdivision industry, some environmental protection enterprises are growing rapidly.

10. Chinese Maker economy is underway
Maker refers to the people who make the ideas come true. Makers are good at combining the advantages of internet and manufacturing so they can bring more innovations for maker space. Now Chinese maker economy is underway. Many maker related companies have opened in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. With the coming of digital age, customer demands are much diversified. Although maker industry chain is not formed, yet it is becoming increasingly clearer.

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