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Digital transformation of supply chain in the post-pandemic era

On October 23, 2020, the 12th China Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Summit with the theme of "Transformation of Supply Chain Management in the Post-epidemic Era", hosted by E-Works, was successfully held in Ningbo.

In the post-epidemic era, Chinese manufacturing enterprises attach great importance to digital transformation and improvement, and the supply chain system is one of the important element. In order to help Chinese manufacturers to understand the role and importance of supply chain management and related emerging technologies, e - works hosted the 12th China Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Summit in Ningbo last Friday. With the theme of "Transformation of Supply Chain Management in the Post-Epidemic Era", the event was hope to share successful experience of digital communication manufacturing enterprise supply chain transformation, explore the method and the path to promote intelligent manufacturing.

Supply chain experts including Dr. Jun Xu, Daofang Chang, Vice President of Logistics Science and Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai Maritime University are invited to share the know-how. Industry practitioners and industry leading technology providers also invited to share their industry practices and solutions. They are from Jack Sewing Machine, Bull Group, IKD Company, JOYSONQUIN Automotive Systems, FLUX, Monitor, Midea Cloud, Yonyou, Wicrenet, Formosa Technologies, SIS-Global, SEEBURGER, and Epicor.

Dr. Jun Xu, General Manager of e-works

Dr. Jun Xu kicked off the keynote with the theme of "Digital Transformation and Supply Chain Upgrading". The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a great test and challenge to enterprises’ supply chain systems. Based on cases of FAW-VW Foshan factory, Anhui Heli, Baosteel Baoshan base, and GE, Dr. Xu analyzed how to make full use of enabling technologies of logistics, industrial Internet, 5G, and additive manufacturing to implement and upgrade the digital supply chain. He pointed out that enterprise still need systematic thinking, creatively study and manufacturing lean methods to upgrading supply chain.

Mr. Daofang Chang, Vice President of Logistics Science and Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai Maritime University

Daofang Chang, in his keynote the " intelligent logistics system and digital twin practice", pointed out that the application of digital twin technology in intelligent logistics system can effectively improve data leveraging, system efficiency restricted by complex equipment fault, and real-time visualization of operation. Meanwhile, taking application scenarios as examples, he shared practical cases of digital twin application in the production logistics, such as system simulation combining virtual-real connection, and VR/AR combining simulation optimization.
Leaders of manufacturing enterprises such as Jack Sewing Machine, Bull Group, IKD Company, JOYSONQUIN Automotive Systems were invited to this summit to share the obstacles and experiences encountered in the process of information construction and supply chain transformation.

Mr. Shuai Ni, IT Vice Director of Jack Sewing Machine

Shuai Ni, IT Vice Director of Jack Sewing Machine shared Jack’s SRM blueprint and the project progress based on Jack’s IT planning and supply chain system. The information-based development of Jack sewing machine has gone through the process of initial introduction, partial introduction, comprehensive opening and industrial coordination. The enterprise strives to create two main lines of information flow, namely design & order production and delivery, and gradually promotes the transformation of enterprise business chain based on the construction of industrial Internet platform.

Mr. Shengbin Li, CIO of Bull Group

Shengbin Li in his speech "Reconstruction of distribution system and digital empowerment", pointed out that data standardization is the core of Bull Group’s information system planning. Based on this, Bull constructed the overall digital framework of equipment control, production management and enterprise operation.
Through explaining the planning and promotion architecture of its marketing digitalization, he mainly introduced the practice in various fields such as channel cloud warehouse, terminal outlets, AI identification system, live streaming, enterprise WeChat, electronic product manual and so on in the process of " promotion of channel digitalization 2020".

Mr. Shuai Zhang, the CIO of IKD Company

Shuai Zhang analyzed pain points of network, production, management, human labor and logistics in the discrete manufacturing enterprise in his speech "5G + smart logistics warehousing exploration and practice". Through 5G + smart logistics, IKD applied AR in logistics, intelligent warehousing, industrial logistics monitoring, and logistics security. He also shared the implementation experience in digital logistics based on 5G and the intelligent warehousing.

Mr. YanBing Ji, IT senior manager of Ningbo JOYSONQUIN Automotive Systems

YanBing Ji in his speech " practice and experience sharing of JOYSONQUIN supply chain system ", shared their supply chain system construction process from 2005 to 2019. He summarized that supply chain management is essentially the comprehensive integrated management of sales, purchasing and supply, production operation, logistics, and finance from the product flow, information flow and cash flow management. He later introduced their digital supply chain goals, business architecture, function structure, integrated architecture, technical architecture, and specific application cases.
The summit also invited famous intelligent manufacturing solution providers, such as FLUX, Monitor, Midea Cloud, Yonyou, Wicrenet, Formosa Technologies, SIS-Global, SEEBURGER, and Epicor to share their understanding of supply chain management, supply chain cloud, intelligent logistics, as well as practical application cases of solutions.

Mr. Gang Liu, FLUX Manufacturing Service Director

Gang Liu in speech of "flexible supply chain logistics solutions", pointed out that small-batch production would be the mainstream in the future. It requires enterprises to have a more agile and flexible supply chain execution system. He analyzed in detail the top ten pain points and corresponding solutions of supply chain collaboration, incoming quality control, pull inventory management, fine material, JIT online distribution, WCS integration, multi-process completeness, engineering change, end-to-end traceability and control, and visual warning.

Mr. Weixiang Zhu, General Manager of Monitor ERP China

Weixiang Zhu made a speech of "Make supply chain simple". Taking the automotive industry as an example, he analyzed the connotation of external supply chain and internal supply chain, and further elaborated the influence of supply chain on product quality, on-time delivery, efficiency and cost from the perspective of enterprise operation. He pointed out that the shift from push production to pull production is the key to improve product quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency, while ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of data and changing the way of using data can simplify the supply chain.

Mr. Yingfeng Lv, Manufacturing Cloud Solutions Director of Midea Cloud

Yingfeng Lv shared the digital transformation and upgrading practice of Midea’s end-to-end supply chain and the achievements. By connecting supply chain data in different process and the visualization of T + 3 model, Midea realized a visualized chain from business to financial, and from purchasing to payment. In addition, he also introduced several cases applying Midea Cloud product in BYD, Caterpillar, LONGi. Yonyou, Wicrenet, Formosa Technologies, SIS-Global, SEEBURGER, and Epicor also shared their supply chain management solutions and implementation cases.

Exhibition Area

e-works set up booths outside the conference hall for participants to have face-to-face communication with technical personnel, so as to understand the latest supply chain products and solutions and its planning and implementation. This event not only provides a platform for the majority of manufacturing enterprises to promote the digital transformation of supply chain in the post-epidemic era, but also summarizes the ideas on how to accelerate the intelligent manufacturing to cope with the challenges in domestic and foreign market. Besides, the exhibition of supply chain management solutions was also held simultaneously through the e-Works Expo platform—International Intelligent Manufacturing Online Expo.

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