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The 7th Chinese Manufacturing CIO Annual Conference Successfully Concluded

October 25 2013, Hefei—e-works, Chinese Digital Enterprise Portal announced the successful conclusion of 2013 Chinese Manufacturing CIO Annual Conference.

The theme of the 7th annual conference is the missions of CIOs in transforming the Chinese manufacturing. More than 100 outstanding CIOs attended the conference. The three-day sessions are consisted of three different themes: manufacturing transformation and informationization, overcoming IT challenges in internet era, and career upgrading of manufacturing CIOs.

On October 23th, the topic of the day is manufacturing transformation and informationization. Firstly, Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO gave a speech on Chinese Manufacturing Transformation and CIOs' Responsibilities. Dr. Huang shared with CIOs the latest development trends of Chinese manufacturing and informationization. Through analyzing challenges and measures in the deep integration of informationization and industrialization, Dr. Huang interpreted CIOs responsibilities in this special period.

Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO

Based on the theme of Informationization Supporting Manufacturing, CIO of HELI, Mr. Mengqing Zhang introduced their information planning and management system and shared difficulties they have met in the promotion of informationization as well as the solutions. CIO of FOTILE, a kitchenware manufacture in China introduced their applications and success in the internet era. Mr. Lijian, Senior Consultant of Infor China talked on Strategies and Implementation of Enterprise Information Technologies. Mr. Wenlong Chen, Huawei Large Enterprise Solutions Marketing Director shared Huawei ICT Help Manufacturers Realize Agile Operation.

Mr. Mengqing Zhang, CIO of HELI (up left),
Mr. Zhe Bing, CIO of FOTILE (up right),
Mr. Lijian, Senior Consultant of Infor China (down left),
Mr. Wenlong Chen, Huawei Large Enterprise Solutions Marketing Director (down right)

In the afternoon session of the first day, the theme is how CIOs overcome IT challenges in internet era. Mr. Xiang Li, Editor-in-Chief of e-works shared his view that modern enterprises are born-international enterprises and born-internet enterprises. He also analyzed the latest development trends of hot IT technologies.

Mr. Xiang Li, Editor-in-Chief of e-works

CIO of Yangtze Optical Fibre And Cable Company, Mr. Yufeng Zha shared their process analysis and IT system optimization. Based on the theme, software vendors from Authine, EWININFO, and Focused Photonies Inc. shared their thoughts in internet era, successful business stories, and their solutions.
The afternoon roundtable discussions are around the big data era. Representatives from manufacturing CIOs had heated discussions on whether the big data era is coming, what to do in facing with big data challenges, how to improve IT system efficiency etc.

Roundtable Discussion

The theme of the second day is around manufacturing CIOs' career upgrading. e-works Consulting Director, Mr. Wei Du interpreted how CIOs should promote themselves facing the deep informationization and challenges.

Mr. Wei Du, e-works Consulting Director

CIO of BOE Technology Group shared their challenges in transformation. NVIDIA Technical Director Mr. Feng Wang introduced NVIDIA products and solutions in his speech Manufacturing in Cloud and Cloud in Manufacturing. Senior Industry Solution Consultant of Epicor, Mr. Yanzhe Mao introduced the next generation management system. Mr. Jiang Li, CIO of Grand Pharmaceutical Group shared their IT solutions and experience.

Mr. Jiang Li, CIO of Grand Pharmaceutical Group (up left),
Mr. Yanzhe Mao, Senior Industry Solution Consultant of Epicor (up right),
Mr. Feng Wang, Technical Director of NVIDIA (down left),
Mr. Yu Jiang, CIO of BOE Technology Group (down right)

The second day roundtable discussions are focused on CIOs' career: what CIOs should do to improve their knowledge system, career planning, and relationships with colleagues and leaders etc.

Roundtable Discussion

In the rest sessions, attendants had respectively introduced their enterprise situation, IT planning, challenges, and solutions. The 7th Chinese Manufacturing CIO Conference is concluded successfully. Attendants say that e-works has provided them a very good platform for networking and communicating.

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