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PERA Global and e-works unveils the 2nd Chinese manufacturing lean R&D Competition

In order to build a platform for displaying achievements and exchanging experience in the field of lean R&D, from September to November 2012 PERA Global and e-works will join hands to hold the 2nd Chinese Manufacturing Lean R&D Competition, the "e-works & PERA Global Cup". The 1st competition was successfully held last year.

The 2nd Chinese Manufacturing Lean R&D Competition

As the acceleration of China industrialization, IT technology is integrating with industrialization and promoting each other. Those enterprises, when enjoying the high quality and efficiency brought by IT technology promotion are facing with other new difficulties. How to realize the smooth linkage within business processes and data? How to transfer individual R&D knowledge and experience into sharable digital information? How to realize product quality control through effective IT applications? The lean R&D is emerged in the very situation.

"Lean R&D" is based on the "lean" and "refined" product research and development. By integration, business process management, data management is combined with integrated design and simulation, knowledge engineering, technological innovation, and quality management. Lean R&D can help enterprises realize high synchronization from concept design to trial production so as to finally improve enterprises' independent innovation ability and build up competitive differentiation.

The purpose of the competition is to popularize the concept of lean R&D, promote lean R&D products and provide a platform for communication. It is the second time for PERA Global and e-works to hold the competition (last competition: http://www.e-works.net.cn/report/Pera2011/pera2011.html). As the pioneer of "lean R&D", PERA Global is devoted to developing lean R&D technology and providing the latest products, platforms and services in order to help users to increase technology added value and core competitiveness.

Now, the competition committee is started accepting entries. Participators need to provide a work related to lean R&D. The committee will evaluate the work based on the principle of increasing product added value and customer value and reducing R&D cycle and product costs. In order to guarantee the fairness and openness of the competition, the results will be published on line. For more information, please visit http://www.e-works.net.cn/report/Pera2012/Pera2012.html.

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