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2017 The 3rd Smart Manufacturing Forum successfully closed

September 22nd 2017, Wuhan—Chinese Digital Enterprise Portal e-works announced that the 3rd Smart Manufacturing Forum today successfully closed at InterContinental Hotel Wuhan.

As one of the professional event focusing on smart manufacturing, the forum attracted over 1,000 participants. Experts from well-known Chinese manufacturers and 35 mainstream vendors attended. The theme of this year is “Smart manufacturing illuminates the way for Chinese manufacturing transformation”. The forum is one of the core events of The 18th China International Machinery & Electronic Products Fair.

On the general session “Make Your Industrial Transformation Digital and Smart ”, Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO gave an welcome and opening speech. “Chinese manufacturing starts to recover this year and the core engine of Chinese transformation is smart manufacturing” Dr. Huang said, “technology of information, automation, communication, advanced manufacturing, and intelligence are the five cornerstones for developing smart manufacturing”. He later gave some examples for the current smart manufacturing heating up in China.

Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO

Professor Peigen Li, the Fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering spoke on Chinese enterprise transformation. Professor Li proposed that enterprises shall carry forward transformations from four aspects: concept—customer-centric, capability—hard capabilities and soft capabilities, management—data-driven, and ecosystem—redefined. He analyzed Haier, GE, DISCO, and Hawei cases of realizing transformation through leverage of internet, big data, AR, cloud computing, industrial robot, and smart analysis etc.

Professor Peigen Li, the Fellow of CAE

Mr. Kevin Rong, Expert of the Thousand Talent and Professor of South University of Science and Technology made a speech on Smart Manufacturing and Its Applications. Kevin systematically introduced smart manufacturing computer aided fixture design, process modelling and simulation, physics based process simulation, and additive manufacturing. Kevin suggested that China can start smart manufacturing from smart precision machining technology, to smart products, and leverage big data to serve manufacturing.

Mr. Kevin Rong, Thousand Talent Expert

Smart manufacturing vendors brought their latest solutions and best practices, including Mr. Goushi Eikawa, Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch General Manager, Mr. Long Yao, Honeywell Senior Manager, Mr. Kai Yang, EpicHust Marketing and Consulting Director, Mr. Xuejie Jia, SAP Greater China Channel Management and GMB Consultant, Mr. Simin Chai, aPriori APAC Product Technology Sales Manager

Vendor Speech
(From left to right: Mr. Goushi Eikawa, Mitsubishi Electric China; Mr. Long Yao from Honeywell; Mr. Kai Yang from EpicHust)

Vendor Speech
(From left to right: Mr. Xuejie Jia from SAP; Mr. Simin Chai from aPriori)

On the panel discussion session in the morning, six guests discussed around the topic of “how to look the fever of smart manufacturing”, “smart manufacturing strategy in SMEs”, and “how to treat personalized customization and machine replaces human”.

Morning Panel Discussion

There are two parallel sessions in the afternoon: “industrial software supported smart manufacturing” and “intelligent equipment and smart factory”. Dr. Pei Huang analyzed smart manufacturing trends and implementation strategy on the industrial software supported smart manufacturing session. Dr. Huang pointed out that smart manufacturing is a system engineering that needs long-term, gradual, and continuous improvement. He also introduced global IoT platform landscape and the latest strategy of GE, Siemens, Emerson.

On the parallel session of “intelligent equipment and smart factory”, Mr. Bin Li, HUST Professor made a speech on Smart Manufacturing—Intelligent Equipment and Practice. Professor Li explained what is artificial intelligence from manufacturing perspective and gave many examples to decoding smart manufacturing enabling technologies which includes sensor and data acquisition, self-adaptive control, big data and machine learning, machine vision technology. In the end, he introduced the practice of intelligent equipment production line.

Mr. Bin Li, HUST Professor

Several international and domestic well-known manufactures shared their successful practice on smart manufacturing. Ms. Xiaoling Zhou, Midea Group IT Department Supply Chain Director shared their IT application and planning as well as smart manufacturing practice in Midea Air Conditioner Factory. Mr. Fei Peng, CRRC Industrial Research Institute Smart Manufacturing Lab Project Manager shared CRRC smart manufacturing top level architecture and typical features of a digital factory. Besides, Mr. Gang Fu, Phoenix Contact China Smart Manufacturing Manager, Mr. Hao Tang, CRRC Times Electric Smart Manufacturing Director, Ms. Ying Liu, SIPPR Engineering Group Digital Technology Center Chief Engineer, and Mr. Pei Cai, Bosch MES Development Manager also shared their valuable experiences.

Speakers from Manufacturer
(From left to right: Ms. Xiaoling Zhou from Midea Group; Mr. Gang Fu from Phoenix Contact China; Mr. Fei Peng from CRRC Industrial Research Institute)

Speakers from Manufacturer
(From left to right: Mr. Hao Tang from CRRC Times Electric; Ms. Ying Liu, SIPPR Engineering Group; Mr. Pei Cai from Bosch)

In the forum, many smart manufacturing vendors brought their advanced solutions. Mr. Biqun Tao, Hikvision Enterprise Industry Director brought Hikvision enterprise visual management solution. Mr. Xiaofeng Dong, Ruijie Networks Enterprise Industry Marketing Director shared how to help enterprise transform IT system with minimized solution. Mr. Feng Xue, HP Printing Enterprise Customer South and Central China Big Customer General Manager introduced their smart printing solution. Mr. Hongsheng Gu, Sotos Technology Co-founder shared their collaboration design platform I2DESIGN. Mr. Jian Xu, Runsoft CTO shared his view on how to build a digital factory in discrete industry. Mr. Hai Zhang, ELS Technology VP shared their SRM solution. Mr. Qiang Yu, Ebistrategy Presales Manager introduced big-data-based advanced data analysis technology. Mr. Bin Luo, BTONG President introduced BTONG smart manufacturing solution and manufacturing industry transformation cases.

Vendor Speech
(From left to right and top to bottom: Mr. Biqun Tao from Hikvision; Mr. Xiaofeng Dong from Ruijie Networks; Mr. Feng Xue from HP; Mr. Hongsheng Gu from Sotos Technology)

Vendor Speech
(From left to right and top to bottom: Mr. Jian Xu from Runsoft; Mr. Hai Zhang from ELS Technology; Mr. Qiang Yu from Ebistrategy; Mr. Bin Luo from BTONG)

On the afternoon panel discussion session, guests had thorough discussions around the topic “intelligent equipment and smart factory” and “smart manufacturing software and IoT application” and answered the questions of “how to evaluate the smart level of a factory”, “how to address the integration of IT systems and automation equipment in building a smart factory”, and “what’s the role of industrial software in promoting manufacturing transformation”.

Afternoon Panel Discussion

Outside the conference hall, vendor stands are installed for audiences had a face-to-face talk with presented vendors. This year, we had 35 mainstream international and domestic vendors joined the exhibition, which are Mitsubishi Electric, Honeywell, EpicHust, SAP, aPriori, Rainfe, Hikvision, Ruijie Networks, HP, SOTOS Technology, Runsoft, Shenzhen ELS Technology, BTONG, PCCW, Avalue Technology, Anolesoft, Hanthink, BPlead, FOXKPC, LINKABLE, BizConf, CipherGateway, DGT, zhizaoyun.com, net263, Ablecloud, Zhiming Information, Coremail, Xiaoshouyi, alauda, H3 BPM, Dassault Systemes, ZWsoft, and China Entercom.

Exhibition Area

The event provided a good communication platform both for manufacturers and smart manufacturing solution providers. Manufacturers can get a better and more accurate understanding of smart manufacturing concept, technologies, and practices. So far, e-works had successfully hosted the Smart Manufacturing Forum for three years. Each year, the event is been highly praised by solution providers and the industry.

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