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2016 Top 10 hotspots in Chinese manufacturing

e-works releases 2016 top 10 hotspots in Chinese manufacturing.

1. Deep integration of manufacturing and internet
Recently with accelerative development of digitization, internet and intelligence in Chinese manufacturing industry, manufacturing and internet converge gradually through the introduction of a series of related vital measures. Chinese manufacturing businesses should grasp this new trend and figure out new positioning and innovations based on it to finally transform themselves.

2. Manufacturing high taxation issue
In 2016, Mr. Cao Dewang, Chairman of Fuyao Group decided to invest 1 billion dollars in building plants in United States. His claim that Chinese manufacturing taxation is 35% higher than that in the United States has aroused broad social concern and become a heated topic in Chinese manufacturing industry.

3. Smart connected product a new topic in manufacturing
Smart connected devices are with higher performance and more reliable and available. It can afford new functionalities across different functions and can surpass traditional products. Currently, smart connected devices are emerging in various manufacturing areas and becoming a new topic in Chinese manufacturing. Huge opportunities brought by smart connected devices will help enterprises grow exponentially and usher in a new age of business competition.

4. Haze forces manufacturing transformation
As a requirement of ecological development, green manufacturing is an inevitable choice for Chinese manufacturing transformation. Facing the threats of heavy haze, green manufacturing has become an important urgency for all manufacturing enterprises to make some change in China.

5. Chinese companies keen on overseas M&A
With a record-high overseas mergers and acquisitions in 016, high-end manufacturing businesses have become an important aim for Chinese capital. These mergers and acquisitions reflect urgent transformation needs in both Chinese market and manufacturing industry. Not all company issues can be solved through M&A, but it may narrow the gap and accelerate industry transformation and upgrading.

6. Industry giants layout in industrial IoT
With rapid expansion of network telecommunication, sensor, big data, and cloud computing technology, IoT merges with industry gradually and brings significant change to research and development, production, management, services in manufacturing enterprises. The warming up of industrial IoT applications also drives industry giants layout in this market.

7. Industrial software enables smart manufacturing
In May 2016, Chinese State Council issued Guidance on Deep Integration of Manufacturing and Internet. Through this document, Chinese government established the strategic position of industrial software from an overall perspective. It consolidates the fundamental role in supporting software and defining manufacturing and brings industrial software development to an unprecedented height.

8. New materials brings new vitality to manufacturing
Each time the discovery of each kind of new material is a breakthrough of new material technology and the usage brings significant changes to social production and human lives. The adoption of new material in manufacturing companies also brings new vitality for economy growth and company competition.

9. Sharing economy steps into manufacturing
In 2016, sharing economy started to expand fast from daily life to production areas. Chinese MIIT once pointed out that manufacturing will be a new main battlefield for sharing economy. China is a great power in both manufacturing and internet. If we combine our advantages, it will produce accumulation effect, convergence effect and multiplier effect.

10. Manufacturing hidden champions stand out
Hermann Simon, a German author and business leader coined the phrase “hidden champions”, which refers to those relatively small but highly successful companies that are concealed behind a curtain of inconspicuousness, invisibility, and sometimes secrecy. These companies are highly specialized and are leaders in their segments. Last year MIIT released an action plan to cultivate and set many manufacturing enterprises as demonstrations. Therefore, some Chinese hidden champions stand out and become a model for others to learn.

More information about the 2016 manufacturing hotspots.

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