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2013 PTC Creo Application Competition opened

PTC, one of the world's largest software vendors is holding the 2013 PTC Creo Application Competition together with e-works. The competition aims to release CAD engenderers' and university students' passion in product development, accumulate Creo using experience, and better serve PTC’s customers in the future. The competition will last from March to July.

Having been lauched in 2010, Creo is the most innovative product since PTC presented the parametric design in Pro/E. It enables enterprises of research and development ability and innovation ability by providing them interoperability, assembly management, and technology lock-in which are the keys in machinery CAD industry.

The competition is officially launched on Mar. 1st. Centered on the latest version of Creo 2.0, the event is divided into individual competition, group competition, and application paper competition. Participants can apply for PTC Creo 2.0 trial version and use it freely to join in the event. Moreover, they can take online training course on Mar. 22rd.

Participants in individual and group competition shall substitute their 3D design models in the format of Creo as well as the description of their works which include key points and features of the product and utilized Creo functional modules. Participants in application paper competition can talk about their experience in applying Creo, application techniques, the application of Creo(or Pro/Engineer)in a specific product, project or field, the comparison of different CAD products, and improvement analysis between Creo 2.0 and formal versions.

The competition committee will appraise and elect the awards based on the three competitions. Except the rich prizes, the winners also have the opportunity to give speech in PTCLive TechForum in Xi'an in July. This event not only provides an opportunity for learning and experiencing but also provides for associating with other CAD enthusiasts and proving your CAD ability, so what are you waiting for?

Right now our committee is starting receiving entries. For more information, please visit http://www.e-works.net.cn/report/creo/creo.htm.

Contact information:
Yiping Liu: +86-27-87592079-130 Email: lyp@e-works.net.cn
Jufeng Huang: +86-87592219-188 Email: hjf@e-works.net.cn

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