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The 12th Chinese Manufacturing Management Information Technology Advanced Seminar Successfully Held in Guilin

The 12th Chinese Manufacturing Management Information Technology Advanced Seminar was successfully held in the city of Guilin, Guangxi Province, China from August 8 to 10, 2012.

More than 90 CIOs and IT workers from over 40 manufacturing enterprises in 14 provinces and municipalities have attended the seminar, including communication, home appliances, foods, pharmacy, machinery, and equipment manufacturing.

The lecturers of the seminar are composed of experienced professors and implementation experts.

Dr. Shihua Ma, professor of School of management in HUST and Director of Institute of Supply Chain &Logistics Management gave a lecture on key technologies of SCM. He taught from three perspectives: supplier relationship management, supply chain collaboration planning and control, logistics and distribution management.

Professor Yuqing Zhou, a leading ERP expert from Tianjin University gave a lecture on the key technologies of ERP applications focusing on production planning management.

Mr. Ying Cai, with more than 20 years' experience in manufacturing, material planning, industrial engineering, analyzed the MTO issues, advanced planning and scheduling etc.

Dr. Shihua Ma, Professor Yuqing Zhou and Mr. Ying Cai (from left to right, top to bottom)

Dr. Pei Huang, the CEO and Chief Consultant of e-works stated the issues when applying management information technology considering Chinese manufacturing development situation, industrial transformation and market trend.

Mr. Xiang Li, Vice General Manager of e-works focused on the difficulties and key points when planning and executing management information technologies.

Besides, Mr. Junqiang Xiao, JDA's Director of Implementation and Mr. Guodong Chen, ActionSoft's BPM expert shared their successful stories with the attendees.

In order to let the trainees fully absorb the knowledge, a salon was held on the evening of August 9. These trainees from different companies shared and discussed with other attendees their difficulties and confusion in executing and applying management information technology.


The seminar was closed on August 10. It has been successfully held for twelve years and provides a platform for CIOs and IT workers to learn key technologies in management information technology field as well as promote deepening applications of those technologies.

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