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e-works successfully organized the first Smart Manufacturing Delegation to UK

On July 14th, 2018, the first Smart manufacturing delegation to UK organized by e-works was officially kicked off. Led by Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO, all members of the delegation arrived in London after a long flight and officially opened a 10-day in-depth experience tour.

1. World’s leading semiconductor IP company ARM
On the morning of July 16th, e-works delegation visited World’s leading semiconductor IP company ARM and its HQ. Over 95% of smart phones and tablets in the world are applying ARM architecture.

ARM company

Two experts from ARM IoT Business introduced their free and open source IoT operating system Mbed OS, its smart devices cloud platform Mbed Cloud, and data process system Mbed Edge.

Experts introducing Mbed OS

Mbed OS supports a variety of communications protocols and has 325,000 developers. Right now ARM has IoT cooperation with companies like IBM, GE, Baidu, and Advantech.

How Mbed works

Group photo at ARM

2. AVEVA, Engineering and industrial software leader
In the afternoon, they went to globally well-known industrial software company AVEVA.


Headquartered in Cambridge, AVEVA provides comprehensive plant and shipbuilding solutions. Last year, Aveva has agreed to merge with the software business of France’s Schneider Electric,a deal that will create a “global leader in engineering and industrial software”. After the deal, AVEVA is being able to support digitalization across the vale chain and connected digital twin from engineering, building, to operation.

Meeting at AVEVA

Demonstration of VR technology

AVEVA experts shows its application in shipbuilding design, petrochemical monitoring, un-manned platform as well as VR & AR technology in plant maintenance.

Group photo at AVEVA

3. World’s leading metrology company Renishaw
On the morning of July 17th, the delegation visited the world’s leading metrology company Renishaw.
Renishaw was founded in 1973 and currently employs more than 4,000 people. The delegation experienced the application of Renishaw products, including CMM, machine tool probes, Equator, and metal additive manufacturing techniques applied in mechanical and dentistry, as well as in Raman spectroscopy and grating scale applications.

Renishaw products and applications

Renishaw's engineers also shared the practical experience of various interconnected Renishaw equipments for remote monitoring and control.

Group photo at Renishaw

4. BMW MINI Oxford
On the afternoon, the delegation walked into BMW Mini Plant Oxford. Mini is a car brand that was launched by the British Motor Corporation and was held by BMW. The brand is a globally popular and compact small hatchback. It was launched on August 26, 1959 by the BMC. Within the history half a century, Mini has achieved a great success.

BMW Mini Plant Oxford

Mini Cars at exhibition center

The welding robot used in the Oxford factory floor comes from the ABB Group and also uses a small number of KUKA heavy transfer robots. The welding workshop makes full use of space for the transmission of semi-finished materials. The welding torch will automatically detect whether it is oxidized and automatically grind. During the quality inspection process, the robot will take pictures and automatically detect the contour and dimensional deviation.

ABB robot (from autohome.com.cn)

Assembly workshop (from autohome.com.cn)

5. Farnborough International Air Show
On July 18th, the delegation visited Farnborough International Airshow (FIA), the world’s second largest airshow to Paris Air Show. FIA hosts every two year and it is the 50th event. More than 1,500 machine and component manufacturers will participate in 2018, including the special exhibition area of Aerospace 4.0, which will showcase the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data analysis, smart sensors, cloud computing, simulation and additive manufacturing. There’s also innovation zone showing various aerospace innovation practices.

Static airshow

Flying airshow


Group photo

6. Autodesk
On the morning of July 19th, the delegation visited Autodesk Birmingham Innovation Center. Mr. Detlev Reicheneder Design and Engineering Global Business Development Director coming from German together with Mr. James Slater, Business Development Manager hosted our delegation.

Autodesk Birmingham Innovation Center

Mr. Detlev Reicheneder introducing the future of making things

Detlev introduces the concept of Autodesk's The future of making things, combined with Generative design and hybrid manufacturing technologies. He combines examples to share new trends of make on-demand. He demonstrate an actual plant from process planning, conceptual design, detailed design, layout and logistics simulation to the digital design and motion simulation of the production line, the digital design of the equipment, and the simulation of the machining process. The case of implementing a digital factory from top to down is inspiring.

Demo of a digital factory

Later, the delegation alsovisited various equipments in the advanced manufacturing center, and watched a demonstration of state monitoring software that monitoring the entire advanced manufacturing center.

Group photo at Autodesk

7. ROMAX, world’s leading engineering and simulation company
On the afternoon of July 19th, the delegation visited Romax Technology Center in Nottingham. Romax attaches great importance to this visit. Dr. Xiaobing Hu, Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Carlo Bianco, Head of Commercial Operations, Dr. Chris Halse, Director of Global Engineering Services, and Dr. Michael Platten, Senior Software Product Manager, participated in the reception and introduced the development background of Romax , positioning and solutions.

Mr. Carlo Bianco, Head of Commercial Operations

Founded in 1989, Romax is a world leading engineering consulting and simulation software company with extensive experience in gearboxes, bearings, motors and electromechanical integrated drive systems, focusing on automotive, bearing, aerospace, new energy. Romax provides software integrating design, simulation and optimization, which can help enterprises greatly improve the efficiency of new product development. At the same time, Romax also delivers controls, inverters, motors and gearbox for a turnkey solution. In recent years, Romax has many large customers in the field of electric vehicles and wind power.

ROMAX Technology Company

Visiting Romax

8. World's leading construction equipment manufacturer JCB
On the morning of July 20th, e-works delegation came to the JCB, world's top three manufacturers of construction equipment. With more than 70 years of innovation, JCB is the UK's largest industrial equipment manufacturer with 22 plants and 16,000 employees. The delegation visited JCB's VIP visitor center, welding, machining and assembly workshops, and R&D department. We fully experienced the continuous innovation of JCB and the enterprise spirit of to be the No.1.

JCB world headquarters

JCB products at exhibition hall

For more information about this delegation please visit: http://www.e-works.net.cn/report/2018england_rp/england.html

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