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e-works successfully organized the 6th ‘Exploring Industry 4.0’ delegation to Germany

May 2 2017, Wuhan—Chinese Digital Enterprise Portal e-works successfully organized the 6th ‘Exploring Industry 4.0’ Delegation to Germany from April 22nd to May 1st 2017.

It is the sixth delegation that e-works organized to Germany since 2014. Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO accompanied 20 members during the 10-day in-depth experience of Germany manufacturing spirits. It is truly a journey of harvest. The delegation visited the world-renowned HANNOVER MESSE 2017, participated in Potsdam Chinese-German Conference on Digitalization and Industry 4.0, and studied in Smart Software Solution, MAN Truck & Bus, ESI, Phoenix Contact , and Fraunhofer IAO. They also toured beautiful cities and sceneries like Berlin, Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle, Frankfurt, Kempten, and Potsdam.

1st Stop—KEMPTEN and Neuschwanstein Castle
On April 23rd local time, the delegation toured the historic town KEPTEN and Neuschwanstein Castle in the nearby. Kempten is the largest town in Allgau, a region in the south-west of Bavaria, Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle was completed in 1869. King Ludwig II used the Castel as provisional accommodation when he visited the site. It has 360 rooms but only 14 of them were finished as the plan, others were never finished because of the death of King. Today Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular sceneries in Germany.

Group Photo of 6th Exploring Industry 4.0 Delegation

Left: Kempten scenery; Right: Neuschwanstein Castle

2nd Stop—ESI Group VR Experience Center
On April 24th, the delegation visited ESI Group office in Stuttgart and its Virtual Reality Experience Center. As a specialist in material physics, ESI Group has developed a unique proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtually replicating the fabrication, assembly and testing of products in different environments. In VR Experience Center, delegation members experienced ESI’s immersive virtual technology applied in product research and development, testing, and assessment.

Visiting ESI Virtual Reality Experience Center

3rd Stop—3S-Smart Software Solution headquarter
On April 24th, they came to 3S-Smart Software Solution headquarter in Kempten. 3S Company has many years of experience in all areas of automation technology. Its automation software development platform—CODESYS provides reliable technology, software and industry solutions for various industries. Mr. Manfred Werner, 3S-Smart Software Solution CEO introduced company’s development, core product and his understanding of future industrial IoT and solution. Product Manager Mr. Michael Schwarz, 3S Product Manager demonstrated the connect and control function of Codesys V3.5 SP10.

Left: Mr. Manfred Werner; Right: Mr. Michael Schwarz

4th Stop—MAN Truck & Bus
On the morning of April 25th, the delegation visited MAN Truck & Bus in Munich. MAN has over 250 years of history. Focused on activities in the areas of transport and energy, MAN supplies trucks, buses, vans, diesel engines, turbomachinery, and special gear units and holds leading market positions in all divisions. During the three-hour stay, delegation members get to know MAN’s product series, truck assembly process and efficient use of AGV for production optimization.

Visiting MAN Truck & Bus

5th Stop—Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO
On the afternoon of April 25th, they come to Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. It has over 67 institutes and research establishments with over 23,000 highly qualified researchers and engineers in Germany. Professor Hans-Peter Lentes, IAO first President received the delegation warmly. He systematically introduced the origin of Industry 4.0, its value for enterprises, and development. Later with his guide, the delegation visited IAO’s virtual engineering center—Digital Engineering Lab.

Left: Professor Lentes giving lecture; Right: visiting Digital Engineering Lab

6th Stop—Hannover Messe 2017
On April 26, e-works delegation members came to visit Hannover Messe 2017. The theme this year was “Integrated Industry—Creating Value”. It was the fourth time that our delegation attended the international industrial event. e-works visited many vendors and industrial giants, including Bosch, SAP, MPDV, Eplan, Haier, Siemens, KUKA, ABB, GE, Dassault Systemes, Autodesk, FANUC, Huawei, FESTO, and Fraunhofer.

e-works delegation visitors

Hannover Messe 2017

7th Stop—Potsdam Chinese-German Conference on Digitalization and Industry 4.0
On April 27, e-works delegation participated the Potsdam Chinese-German Conference on Digitalization and Industry 4.0. Over 350 attendees got together to explore Industry 4.0, virtual reality application in the industry, and application of drones and driverless vehicles.

Prof. Dr. Key POUSTTCHI, SAP Professor of Business Informatics and Digitalization, University of Potsdam made a speech on Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation. Prof. Xiaobo WU, Economics and Finance Expert, Author, EMBA Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Jinan University made a speech of Made in China 2025: A New Era for Manufacturing. Prof. Ulrich BERGER, Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, Chair in Automation Engineering spoke on When machines talk to each other: The Opportunities for SMEs.

Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO and two delegation members participated in the panel 1 discussion about Innovations in Internet of Things & Security Issues.

Potsdam Chinese-German Conference on Digitalization and Industry 4.0

Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO at Potsdam Chinese-German Conference

8th Stop—Adlershof Science and Technology Park
On April 27, the delegation came to visit Adlershof Science and Technology Park in Berlin. As the largest and most successful industrial park in Germany, it is the home to over 1,000 companies and institutions on an area of 4.2 km2 with total output of 1.8 billion EUR. The members studied its successful operation model and toured its SMB Industry 4.0 Berlin Center, lab factory, and renewable energy center.

Visiting Adlershof Science and Technology Park

9th Stop—University of Potsdam, Application Center for Industry 4.0
On the morning of April 28th, the delegation members came to University of Potsdam and toured the Application Center for Industry 4.0. Founded in 1992, University of Potsdam has over 20,000 students, 210 professors, and 2,100 workers. Together they learned the Industry 4.0 research topics and projects that carried out in Application Center.

Application Center for Industry 4.0

10th Stop—Electrical Manufacturing Giant Phoenix Contact
On the afternoon of April 28th, they visited Phoenix Contact headquarter at Blomberg. Phoenix Contact is a world market leader in industrial connection technology and automation. Mr. Paul Lennox, Area Sales Manager China & Taiwan and Mr. Wei Zhu, China Vice President received the delegation. Paul introduced Phoenix’s development and practice in Industry 4.0 and digital factory. Later they visited logistics center of Plant No.18 and injection molding workshop No. 34, which impressed the delegation members very much.

Visiting Phoenix Contact headquarter

After all the business trips, the delegation toured RUDESHEIM and experienced beautiful German rural culture on April 29. They tasted good wine by Rhine riverside and talked about the bright future of Chinese manufacturing. With this, the 6th ‘Exploring Industry 4.0’ Delegation to Germany closed successfully. In the future e-works will continue to invite the executives of Chinese manufacturing companies to visit German industrial enterprises and IT solution providers that are on the way to Industry 4.0 to learn the best practice of Industry 4.0 and to build the long-term cooperation with Germany manufacturing companies and IT/Automation solution providers.

Toast to a brighter manufacturing in China

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About e-works:
e-works is an online media, vertical portal, service and research organization focus on IT application of Chinese Manufacturing. e-works portal (www.e-works.net.cn in Chinese and www.eworksglobal.com in English) is the most popular and authoritative portal of Chinese manufacturing IT application area. e-works has over 720,000 subscribers and more than 310,000 social media followers. From 2014, e-works has successfully organized 5 delegations to Germany. e-works has long term cooperation with German IT vendors, such as Siemens industrial software, SAP, abas, MPDV, PSI, Software AG, Seeburger, etc.

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