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e-works successfully organizes 2016 Industrial Internet and Innovation Delegation to the US

June 6, 2016—e-works, Chinese Enterprise Portal announced the successful conclusion of the 2016 Industrial Internet and Innovation Delegation to the US.

More than 10 elites from well-known Chinese manufacturing enterprises and software vendors together visited 8 world-class manufacturers and industry software vendors.

On May 30, the delegation visited Boeing assembly factory including Dreamliner 787 assembly line. Boeing is the global leading aerospace company and the largest civil and military airplane manufacturer. Boeing assembly factory in Seattle owns the largest unit volume building in the world. It is said that Boeing can assemble an airplane within only 25 days.

Boeing assembly factory

On May 31, the delegation visited Cisco EBC center in the morning. Founded in December 1984, Cisco is the leading provider of global internet solutions. The delegation experienced Cisco’s concept of Internet of Everything (IoE) and practice of connected plants, collaborative office and smart city.

Learning Cisco’s concept of IoE

In the afternoon, the delegation visited ANSYS to learn the trend of simulation technology. Founded in 1970, ANSYS is the largest CAE software company in the world. The delegation members experienced ANSYS world-class simulation use case. Mr. Vic Kulkarni, ANSYS RTL Power Business VP and GM shared how to support IoT application through simulation technology. After visiting ANSYS, they came to Tableau, a leading visual analysis vendor to experience the charm of their system. Tableau can easily draw different charts through inputting mass data.

Visiting ANSYS and Tableau

On the morning of June 1, the delegation visited Oracle HQ, the largest enterprise software in the world to learn the cloud computing and enterprise social solution. In the afternoon, they visited Autodesk, the largest design software provider in the world. In Autodesk Gallery, they appreciated the different innovative products developed by Autodesk customers and enlightened by Autodesk’s vision—the future of making things. They also visited Pier 9 as the first Chinese delegation.

Visiting Oracle and Autodesk Gallery

On June 2, the delegation visited Intel HQ, the largest CPU provider in the world to learn the status and future of hardware. The first microprocessor produced by Intel in 1971 has changed the world.

Visiting Intel

On June 3, the delegation visited QAD HQ at Santa Barbara and took training of lean production and cloud ERP application. Founded in 1979, QAD has been focusing on global manufacturing management software for 36 years. It has more than 1,600 staffs and more than 5,500 customers all over the world. Recently, QAD is promoting cloud ERP application to help customers realize lean manufacturing.

Visiting QAD HQ

The delegation has stopped by Los Angeles, Santa Barbra, San Francisco, Seattle and enjoyed western cityscape while investigating the latest industrial technologies and achievements. It is the second investigation tour that e-works organized to the US. Besides, e-works has also organized delegation to Germany for four times since 2014.

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