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Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing (Wenzhou) Forum 2015 Successfully Closed

October 14th 2015, Wenzhou—Chinese Digital Enterprise Portal e-works has successfully closed Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing (Wenzhou) Forum 2015 at Onehome Howard Johnson Hotel Wenzhou.

More than 200 participants of industry, IT, and academic experts, manufacturing CIOs, and mainstream vendors from domestic and overseas gathered to discuss the Chinese intelligent manufacturing roadmap.

Mr. Bitu Mao, Deputy Director, Economic and Information Technology Commission Wenzhou gave an open speech of the forum.

Mr. Bitu Mao, Deputy Director, Economic and Information Technology Commission Wenzhou

Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO gave a keynote speech on the topic of Intelligent Manufacturing and Made in China 2025. He talked about the background, present situation, and future prospects of Chinese intelligent manufacturing through three aspects: Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, Made in China 2025, and “Internet Plus Chinese Manufacturing”. At the end, he gave some suggestions on promoting intelligent manufacturing and overall strategy.

Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO

Three manufacturing CIOs shared their practical experiences. Mr. Jianyong Luo, CIO & Senior Economist, CWB Group shared their CWB Group’s ERP and MES systems’ implementation and applications. Mr. Shuyu Li, CIO, Tengen Electric Group shared Tengen’s IT development and strategy planning. He also introduced their core information systems’ practical application situation. Mr. Shuai Ni, Manager, Information Center, Jack Sewing Machine shared their company’s information system framework, building experience, application situations and future planning.

From left to right: Mr. Jianyong Luo, CWB Group; Mr. Shuyu Li, Tengen Electric Group; Mr. Shuai Ni, Jack Sewing Machine

Mainstream well-known vendors brought their professional solutions and latest technologies. Mr. Haibo Zhu, Aerospace and Defense Industry Technical Engineer, PTC analyzed how to use new technologies to rebuild product and service competitive advantage. Mr. Zhen Shang, Software Solution Architect, GE Intelligent Platform analyzed revolutions brought by industrial Internet and showed GE’s smart factory and best practice. Mr. Xianwei Zhu, East China Sales Director, Sage Group analyzed transformation challenges faced by manufacturing enterprises and Sage X3 platform’s value.

From left to right: Mr. Haibo Zhu, PTC; Mr. Zhen Shang, GE; Mr. Xianwei Zhu, Sage Group;

At the end of the forum, panel discussion and CIO salon offers participants a good opportunity to discuss their concerns and headache problems. They mainly focused on the key point and difficulties of applying intelligent manufacturing technology. Also they discussed some effective promotion methods.

Panel Discussion

Right now China is endeavoring to promote “Chinese Manufacturing 2025” and intelligent manufacturing to help manufacturing transformation and upgrading in the downward global economy. Both Industry 4.0 and Chinese Manufacturing 2025 are valuing the comprehensive application of intelligent manufacturing, which includes intelligent products, equipments, production, logistics, and services. This forum helped manufacturers understand ideas and technologies. They thought it was very practical and provided them valuable experience.

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