Launch of NEPCON South China 2012 Features Eye-Catching Medical and Automotive Electronics Displays

As the world's manufacturing hub and major export trading center for the electronic information industry, South China is key to satisfying application demand in SMT and electronics manufacturing. Annual demand for electronics equipment assembly in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta currently exceeds RMB 300 billion (USD 47.2 billion).

Against this backdrop, NEPCON South China 2012 kicked off today at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The 2012 editions of ATE China and IMT South China are being held concurrently.

Day 1 of NEPCON South China attracted large crowds of enthusiastic visitors and buyers. As one of the longest standing trade and purchasing platforms in South China, and the largest in scale, the event spans a massive 38,000 sqm. Over three days, more than 500 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions are set to showcase more than 1,000 types of the most advanced electronics manufacturing equipment, cutting edge technologies, test/measurement products and components to over 28,000 buyers and elite members of the industry. This year's show floor is also ideal for trade professionals to engage in discussions and conduct technical exchanges.

Home to thousands of manufacturers of mobile phones, automobiles, digital IT products, packaging and printing solutions, South China covers virtually the entire electronics manufacturing industry chain. As the most influential trade exhibition in the region, NEPCON South China 2012 will present the region's whole electronics manufacturing industry chain, featuring the most advanced SMT equipment, state-of-the-art technology, test and measurement solutions, soldering devices, electro-static discharge machinery, electronics manufacturing automation machinery, machine vision equipment, tools and robots. The features will be a combination of displays with live demonstrations of local and international technologies, products and solutions applicable in today's SMT and electronics manufacturing industries.

Automotive electronics, medical electronics and LED are major drivers of growth in electronics manufacturing today. China has now replaced the US as the world's largest automobile market and the scale of the country's automotive electronics topped RMB 300 billion (USD 47.2 billion) for the first time in 2011. Moreover, according to a report by market intelligence company iSuppli, sales of Chinese automotive electronics will reach an estimated USD 29.9 billion by 2015 – confirming the vastness of the industry's potential.

Automotive electronics remain a core feature of NEPCON events. As automotive electronics technology gradually develops its electronic, information, internet and intellectual capabilities, NEPCON South China 2012 is bringing together new technologies, products and equipment from automotive electronics under one roof. In so doing, the event serves as a robust platform via which users of automotive electronics buy and learn about manufacturing equipment and systems.

On Day 1, the high-end technology medium that is EDN China Automotive Electronics Forum 2012, co-organized by Reed Exhibitions and EDN China, drew widespread attention. The forum is integral to NEPCON South China 2012's menu of on-site events as it brings technological experts from leading IC and component manufacturers to elaborate on new technologies, products and solutions for automotive electronics.

The Society of Automotive Engineers Congress Asia (SAE Congress Asia) debuted today at NEPCON South China 2012. Numerous experts from the local and international automobile industries, as well as leading vehicle and parts companies, used the conference to closely analyze topical issues such as component production, parts manufacturing and electric automobiles.

Data from the National Development and Reform Commission shows that by the end of September 2011, the gross industrial output value of China's medical apparatus and instrument industry had reached RMB 98.5 billion (USD 15.5 billion), while the annual industry sales revenue for the same year was RMB 135.4 billion (USD 21.3 billion), a year-on-year growth of 26.6%.

Numerous manufacturers, from semiconductor companies to EMS and OEM firms, are attracted by the huge market potential and stable returns offered by the medical electronics market. Of these major players, Philips, GE, Siemens and Sony were on-site at NEPCON South China 2012 today.

Commenting on the swift advancements currently evident in the industry, Josephine Lee, Senior Vice President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China, remarked, "The rapid development of medical electronics will drive demand for SMT equipment for years to come. This will propel growth in electronics manufacturing forward."

Though the global economy is still facing problems, the bright prospects of China's electronics manufacturing industry have not been impaired. NEPCON South China 2012 is highlighting new technologies, products and equipment from medical electronics so that industry professionals can discuss technical updates and negotiate commercial deals on-site. As a channel via which medical electronics users learn about, and buy, manufacturing equipment and systems, the event is invaluable. Peng Zhuozhi, Engineering Department Director of Jebsee Electronics (Shenzhen), said, "The high number of medical electronics applications at NEPCON South China 2012 is exactly why we came."

As a major LED production base, South China drives the promotion of SMT manufacturing and sustained growth. Because the LED sector is expected to continue to grow fast, LED applications are now a focus at NEPCON South China 2012. Ms. Lee explains, "We're using NEPCON South China 2012 to showcase the release of various new applications targeted at the LED sector." Electronics equipment manufacturers like Evest and Xinya Electronics are on-site, profiling their best LED applications.

Over three days, NEPCON South China 2012 will bring together a number of well-known manufacturers like American Tec, FTCL, Juki, Samsung Techwin, DJK, Wong's Kong King International, Ascentek, Assembléon, Fuji, ASYS Group, Bronte Electronic, SmarTech, Panasonic, SONY and Sun East Electronics. These industry giants will showcase their full range of products, including printed circuit board production equipment, systems, materials, services, design innovations, test products and SMT.

As well as individual visitors, a large number of companies have sent delegations to visit this year's show. These include BYD, TCL Technology Electronics (Huizhou), TCL Mobile Communication, Foshan Shunde Poly-Product Electries, BBK, Foxconn and Jabil Circuit.

Because it combines conference and exhibition elements, NEPCON provides an up-to-date overview of the electronic production equipment sector and as well as the status of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Because the organizers consistently host pertinent trade conferences at the same time as the exhibition, this helps participants to gain a thorough understanding of development trends in electronics manufacturing. The 2012 SMTA South China Conference, the ESD Technology Forum, the Full Credit Electronic Component Purchasing Meeting, the SMTe 2012 Anniversary and 10th Member Gathering, the SMTe Senior Talent Gathering, School & Enterprise Matchmaking Event, the Engineer Salon and the SMT Home Member Gathering will all take place over the next three days and are bound to stimulate lively discussion of how to promote technological capabilities and improve service quality in China's electronics manufacturing industry.

The ATE China 2012 exhibition, collocated with NEPCON South China, will showcase a comprehensive array of advanced electronics assembly and packaging equipment. ATE will provide technological solutions to electronics manufacturers and satisfy diverse assembly manufacturing needs. It will also be a place via which buyers can find new suppliers and sharpen their competitive edge in the industry.

IMT South China 2012, also running concurrent to NEPCON South China, will feature advanced metal processing equipment and products from China and abroad. Focused on electronics manufacturing, communications, home appliance manufacturing, mould making and medical machinery, it is the industry's prime metal processing equipment exhibition and is well matched with the applications industry. The product seminars to be held at IMT South China over the next three days will examine all the new solutions in the automobile, home appliance mold electronics, auto part, medical apparatus and instrument sectors. The event will also give attendees insight into new development trends.

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