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CIMdata 2012 PLM Market and Industry Forum successfully hold in Shanghai

On April 20th, the CIMdata 2012 PLM Market and Industry Forum (China) was successfully held in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan together by CIMdata and e-works.

Many mainstream vendors, research institutes, consulting firms and university experts attend the forum, including Siemens PLM, PTC, Dassault System, Pera Global, CAXA, MSC.Software, ZWSOFT, Sysware, CIMATRON, KMSoft, CnTech, Dell, TATA, etc. The forum discussed the state of overall PLM market and PLM applications as well as the development trend.

The president of CIMdata, Peter Bilello delivered the speech of State of PLM—Today’s Market and Leading Trends and 2011 Market Analysis Results.

Mr. Bilello, President of CIMdata

Mr. Bilello pointed out that while the world at largest has not yet recovered from “The Great Recession”, PLM investments continued to increase throughout 2011 over 2010 levels, because of the following three reasons: PLM leaders are increasingly broadening and deepening their PLM strategies and the associated adoption of PLM-enabling solutions; large PLM leaders continue to broaden their portfolios through both organic development and acquisition; major suppliers reorganized to provide more focus to product development, sales and service organizations.

In 2011, market growth continued throughout the year, comprehensive PLM market grew 15.2% to $29.98 billion, mainstream PLM market up 12.8% to $18.7 billion. Among the PLM market, growth was much higher in software than in services and software growth should lead to services and maintenance growth. Besides Mr. Bilello also predicted that in 2012 the high growth rate cannot continue, but there is still room for growth, especially in simulation and analysis, engineering systems, and non-traditional industries (such as consumer products, pharmacy, and food and drink industry). Geographically, Asia Pacific and other emerging markets will become the growth engine.

Comprehensive PLM Investment

The founder of e-works, Dr. Pei Huang introduced the research result of 2011-2012 China PLM Report. The report contains an in-depth analysis of the major PLM trends and issues, leading PLM solutions suppliers, PLM investments and adoptions, and PLM market growth.

Dr. Pei Huang, CEO of e-works

According to e-works Research, the Chinese enterprises are accelerating transformation supporting by healthy and steady economy in 2011. Except 2D CAD, the overall Chinese mainstream PLM grew rapidly in 2011 achieving $640.9 million up 22.43% comparing with $523.5 million in 2010. In terms of adoption, 3D CAD is taking the place of 2D CAD and becoming widely used in Chinese enterprises; the application of simulation and analysis in developing product especially complex ones is been highlighted. Besides, more and more enterprises start to build PLM solution-based R&D platform. Some new technologies also attracted enterprises’ attention, like Maintenance Repair Operation, Test Data Management, Digital Manufacturing, Dynamic Publishing, Engineering Computing, and Virtual Reality.

Stan Przybylinski, CIMdata’s Director of Research shared some detailed technology-focused problems facing companies when pursuing PLM strategies such as CAD and analysis and System engineering as well as some end-user focused research topics such as model-based systems engineering, process and mechanical PLM, and social computing.

Mr. Przybylinski, Director of Research of CIMdata

CIMdata released some important PLM global trends on the Forum:
Firstly, manufactures have already recognized the benefits of using simulation and analysis methodologies and solutions earlier and earlier in the product lifecycle. Now many of them have started to apply simulation and analysis before design, driving development process through simulation.
Secondly, the document centric PDM model is far from satisfying increasingly complex product innovation process, while model-based system engineering can manage this problem and will become the development trend of PLM in the future. Model-based system can improve quality and productivity while reducing risks.

Thirdly, many traditional mechanical PLM solution suppliers are either acquiring or building formulation-centric solutions to support product development across the lifecycle, which means that PLM has extended to process industries. But some consumer packaged goods companies still have the need to synchronously manage mechanical and process products that have complex interations.

Lastly, with millions of users around the world, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other technologies have changed the way people use computing technology. PLM solution suppliers also want to tap into this trend to better support product development across lifecycle. Briefly, with the change of demand of enterprises and the development of IT technology, the associated PLM technology will also follow the development.

lively discussion

It is reported that it was the first time CIMdata PLM Market and Industry Forum come to China as one of the four forums. Other three are respectively held in Ann Arbor, North America, Germany, and Tokyo, Japan.

【About CIMdata】 CIMdata is dedicated to maximizing an enterprise’s ability to design and deliver innovative products and services through the application of PLM. Since its founding in 1983, CIMdata has delivered world-class knowledge, expertise, and best-practice methnods on PLM solution. In May 2011, CIMdata acquired CPDA, who is dedicated to technology and business process research through PLM collaborative project research.
【About e-works Research】e-works Research is the most influential independent research institute focusing on China manufacturing information technology. Since its foundation in 2002, e-works Research has been committed to do market, technology and application research in ERP, PLM, IT infrastructure in manufacturing. We periodically publish professional report concerning PLM, ERP, MES, CAE, information security, investment and offer consulting services such as market research, product evaluation, case writing, white paper planning.

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