NEPCON China Becomes a Platform for the Debut of New Product Releases in Asia

According to the statistics released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the main business revenue of China's electronic information manufacturing enterprises above designated size in 2011 achieved RMB7490.9 billion Yuan, a year-on-year growth of 17.1 percent.

Going through the global financial crisis, China is making steady progress in its electronics manufacturing industry scale.

In view of the good growth momentum of China's electronic information manufacturing industry, an increasing number of global electronics manufacturers are optimistic about the Chinese market and are choosing NEPCON China 2012, which serves as the vane of the Asian electronics manufacturing industry, as the platform for the debut of new product releases in Asia. A great many of the world's most cutting-edge new products, technologies and concepts will be unveiled to the public for the first time, which is expected to raise an upsurge in the industry. The incomparably professional, authoritative and international NEPCON China is reputed as a must-attend industry event by the global electronics manufacturers, which if missed will cause a great loss of numerous commercial opportunities.

Following is a sneak peek at a section of new product releases in Asia from some well-known electronics manufacturers:

Agilent: In-Circuit Test (ICT) Solutions
Agilent's ICT solutions have won many different awards. At NEPCON Shanghai, visitors will see the TS-8900 functional test solution that integrates the Medalist i3070 ICT into the surface mount line for test efficiency.
On the functional test front, the TS-8900 solution can help boost throughput and save money with parallel testing and multiple devices under test (DUT) testing. Additionally, Agilent will introduce a low-cost i1000D ICT with board handlers for higher PCBA test coverage, which reduces labor cost remarkably.

Air Products: Wave Soldering Technology Gen II
Through continuous development and optimization, Air Products' Inert Wave Soldering Technology Gen II enables customers to reduce manufacturing and material costs, including reduced nitrogen flow rates; significantly increase soldering joint quality; and transition to lead-free soldering technology with minimal effort, addressing the major issues faced by the electronics assembly and packaging industry.
This technology proven to be cost-effective: Saving up to20-40% of solder consumption, reduction up to 60-90 % in dross formation, reduction up to 10-30% of flux volume per board consumption, reduction up to 70-80% in equipment maintenance, reduction in soldering defects and rework, and easier post-soldering cleaning.

AmericanTec: ATS XT-H100 OCT 3-D Inspection Equipment
ATS XT-100 OCT is a newly launched product by AmericanTec that meets nondestructive micro-inspection requirements and combines with a unique mechanism design and powerful 3-D image processing software as a real 3-D X-ray. The systems uses an advanced Computerized Tomography (CT) functionality for a quick CT image, 3-D reconstruction and arbitrary slice show, which can check cold welding and HIP (head-in-pillow) beyond general X-ray. Moreover, DD motors drive the table directly and fully avoid the image of the detected object overlap in 2-D inspection, and still can easily check pin-in-paste, even multi-row solder joints. Through 100KV close tube, which is exempt from regular maintenance of open tube, and 3-D images that exceed most 160KV open tube X-ray inspection machines, it is an epoch-making X-ray inspection system.

Europlacer: Dual-Head iineo-II VLB
The dual-head iineo-II VLB is the latest enhancement to the Europlacer product portfolio, providing unrivalled PCB dimensions and is capable of handling oversized PCBs up to 1610 x 600 mm with a placement rate up to 27,300cph. The development is timely in response to the needs of the LED market, particularly in China, where LED panel producers are increasingly requesting one board of 1600 mm instead of two boards of 800 mm with connections. The connections pose risks of breakdown and can be problematic, ultimately reducing the quality of the product.

Evest: EML-62D/EML-61D
Evest provides high-performance SMT machines for LED manufacturing, suitable for producing standard 600/800/1500 mm(T5, T8) LED Light Tube and all LED applications, including LED car lighting, LED light-bar, etc. Moreover, it is applied to the R.C. or SOP components when mounting. Additionally, Samsung's new high-speed machine EXCEN will makes its Asia debut at NEPCON China 2012.

DEK: ProDEK Closed-Loop System
Built on unique print software capability, ProDEK works in tandem with solder paste inspection (SPI) data and uses a high level of process reference to accurately control print alignment and cleaning functionality. Also, ProDEK monitors a configurable quantity of printed circuit boards (PCBs), sending an independently corrected forward and reverse offset to the printer, which then adjusts paste on pad alignment in real-time. Using barcode tracking technology, ProDEK guarantees printed and inspected board synchronization.

JOT: Laser Depaneling Cell
JOT Automation's laser depaneling provides the ability to cut shapes without mechanical stress, quickly and flexibly. The laser depaneling cell integrates directly into an existing production line. Unique exhaust, precise cutting configuration and a noncontact cutting process protects sensitive electronics. JOT Automation's automatic loader/unloader systems added to the laser depaneling cell provide a fast, easy standalone process.

KIC: KIC 24/7 Wave
KIC introduces the new KIC 24/7 Wave, utilizing embedded sensors in the wave solder machine to automatically measure the thermal profile for each and every processed PCB to the acceptable process window. A thermocouple also is installed in the solder pot to constantly measure the pot temperature. The initial programming of the KIC 24/7 Wave is performed with a KIC profiler.

Omron: New Generation Inline Optical Inspection Machine
Omron will present the new 3D-AOI inline optical inspection machine VT-S720. S720 has improved cycle times with an overall target of dramatically reducing false call rates and, more importantly, program creation and optimization becomes easier, and can be programmed by an ordinary operator instead of a high-level experienced process engineer.

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