Delcam to Show High-Precision Manufacturing at Micronora8 September 2010

Delcam will demonstrate its complete range of quality control software, including the latest version of its PowerINSPECT inspection software, at the Micronora exhibition to be held in Besancon, France, from 28th September to 1st October.

In addition to PowerINSPECT. Delcam offers programs to confirm the accuracy of machine tool set-ups, electronic fixturing systems to ensure CAM programs are aligned correctly with the part to be machined, and On-Machine Verification software to enable part accuracy to be checked before it leaves the machine.

Live demonstrations will be carried out at Micronora of PowerINSPECT on a FARO portable coordinate measuring machine, while adaptive machining will be shown on a Mikron machine on the Agie-Charmilles stand.

PowerINSPECT combines the ability to work with all types of inspection device, including conventional CMMs, portable arms and optical devices, with a comprehensive range of routines for making simple measurements, for inspecting geometric features and for checking complex surfaces. The resulting reports present detailed information that can be understood by all engineers, not just inspection specialists. The new release incorporates automatic surface inspection and the ability to use GD&T data from CATIA models, plus improvements to the handling of point cloud data and changes to the interface to make the software even easier to use.

NC-Checker is another recent addition to Delcam’s family of metrology software. This allows companies to undertake in-process verification of the performance of a wide range of commonly-used machine tools. It provides a way to confirm the accuracy of the machine with standard probing equipment. NC-Checker can be used before machining starts to confirm that the equipment has been set up correctly and then applied during the production run to detect any movements out of tolerance that might have been caused, for example, by wear or temperature changes.

The final new option, NC-PartLocator, gives the ability to adjust toolpaths to the actual position of the part, rather than having to ensure that the piece is in exactly the nominal location specified in the CAM system. It uses a probe in the machine tool to collect the data rather than a separate device. The benefits are that adjustments can be made in the machine tool control much more quickly and easily than placing, and holding, the part in exactly the specified position, especially when producing large or heavy components. The same probe can be used to inspect the finished part using the PowerINSPECT option for On-Machine Verification.

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