Accenture Opens Technology Innovation Showcase at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Accenture Exchange venue offers demos in AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Quantum Computing, and Machine Learning

Accenture opened the Accenture Exchange – the company’s dedicated venue at Expo 2020 Dubai reflecting its role as the Expo’s Official Digital Services Partner. Housing Accenture’s most powerful, cutting-edge and engaging innovations for the next six months, the space provides visitors the opportunity to learn more about Accenture’s leading technology solutions and its role in bringing the Expo to life.

Located in The Partners Hub, overlooking Al Wasl Plaza, the Accenture Exchange is an immersive environment that showcases Accenture’s innovative technology demos in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud, quantum computing, and machine learning, among others. Demos include information security and customer relations solutions, e-ticketing technologies, AI-powered virtual assistants, geolocation services, and more. It is also home to a series of industry-specific client journeys in key areas such as sustainability, energy, health, travel and tourism, and global payments.

“We are privileged at Accenture to play an integral role with Etisalat Digital in delivering the first World Expo in the region while amplifying the UAE’s position on the global stage,” said Alexis Lecanuet, Accenture’s regional managing director in the Middle East. “Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we collaborated with Expo 2020 and Etisalat Digital todeliver on the promise to create the next generation of visitor-facing applications for the mega-event market over the next decade. Today, with the inauguration of our Accenture Exchange, we celebrate this achievement and welcome our industry stakeholders and peers to visit and learn about the transformative journey to deliver the digital foundations for this World Expo.”

As Expo 2020’s Digital Services Partner, Accenture successfully built the digital foundations to put the visitor at the heart of Expo. From designing, implementing, and running the platforms that power hyper-personalized guest experiences to giving Expo 2020 Dubai the tools to reach new audiences and tell new stories, Accenture delivered an end-to-end integrated solution, driving real connections. Moreover, Accenture created a suite of digital channels – including a website, mobile app and chatbot – leveraging AI, natural language processing (NLP) and data analytics, to ensure an accessible, relevant and personalized experience for all.

“We set out to help Expo deliver on their theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the future’ by making the Dubai event the most connected Expo ever,” said Gerardo Canta, senior managing director at Accenture. “Accenture and Etisalat Digital worked with Expo and its other technology partners to build a vast digital infrastructure that delivers a highly personalized visitor experience.”

The Accenture Exchange will give clients and partners access to special events, demos, talent experiences, workshops, live streams, collaboration opportunities, and partner showcases, offering a lounge, an auditorium, dedicated workshop spaces, and varied hospitality options.

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