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The Smart Manufacturing delegation to Switzerland and Italy ends successfully

e-works successfully organized the “Smart Manufacturing” delegation to Switzerland and Italy from June 29th to July 8th 2019.

This time, the delegation visited Salvagnini, Abros, Lamborghini, Hexagon, Comau, Nestle, MT Robot, and Starrag. During the trip, the delegation also visited Rome, Venice, Turin as well as Zurich, and experienced the natural and cultural beauty in midsummer.

On the morning of 1st July , 2019, the e-works delegation visited the Headquarter of Salvagnini in Sarego, Italy. Salvagnini is a sheet metal flexible processing equipment manufacturer. For 56 years, Salvagnini has been devoted to bending, laser cutting, high-speed stamping and other technical fields. In 2018, Savanini's operating revenue reached 371 million euros, making it the invisible champion in the field of sheet metal flexible processing. The delegation visited the automated sheet metal flexible processing workshop designed and provided by Salvagnini for customers of various sizes.

On the afternoon of July 1, the e-works delegation came to Abros, an agricultural equipment manufacturer based in Modena, Italy. Abros is the core brand of Lovol Heavy Industry entering the global high-end agricultural equipment market. Gianni Del Gobbo, Director of Innovation Center of Abros, European, led the delegation to visit the Abros tractor factory, from the assembly of gearbox, chassis and axle to engine, transmission system and body. The delegation also visited the R&D center and the New Product Testing Center of Abros.

On the morning of 2nd July, the delegation visited the factory and museum of Lamborghini, a world-renowned sports car company. Lamborghini factory mainly produces three models, two sports cars and Urus SUV. The models have strong power, and are fully customizable. There are more than 300 colors for the customers to choose. The delegation inspected Huracan and Aventador sports car assembly lines, engine production lines and interior workshop as well.

On the morning of 3rd July, the e-works delegation came to Hexagon Metrology in Turin, Italy, and visited the production workshop and experience center of the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) of Hexagon. Hexagon currently has two main business segments: smart manufacturing and smart cities. The Hexagon Turin plant is primarily positioned in the business segment for discrete manufacturing, producing CMMs and providing smart manufacturing solutions. The Hexagon Turin plant, formerly known as DEA, was founded in 1963 and produced the world's first CMM, Alpha 3D. It was incorporated into Hexagon in 2001. As of May 2018, the Hexagon Turin plant produced more than 20,000 CMMs.

On the afternoon of 3rd July, the delegation visited Comau, the world's leading provider of industrial automation and robotics. Comau is part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles(FCA), founded in 1973 and headquartered in Turin, Italy. As a global leader in industrial automation and industrial robotics products and solutions, Comau is very focused on the development of digital technology and invests heavily in IoT applications. The Comau Group strongly emphasizes people-oriented and puts forward the concept of Humanufacturing, emphasizing that machines are not intended to replace people, but to enhance human capabilities and achieve human-machine collaboration. Comau also pays great attention to the integration of digitization and automation technology, and has launched the solution of Digital Automation.

On the morning of 4th July, the delegation visited Nest, Museum of Nestle, the world's largest food manufacturer. Nest was opened in 2016 at the 150th anniversary of Nestle in Vevey, on the shores of Lake Geneva. It was refurbished from the first production facility of Nestle. The entire pavilion is over 6,600 square meters and covers the original industrial site with ornate glass roofs and steel structures. The design is intended to make the venue's operating methods more transparent, allowing visitors to better understand Nestle. More than 100 designers, engineers and builders have contributed to Nest's set and creativity.

On the afternoon of 4th July, the delegation visited MT Robot AG, a transport robot startup in Basel, Switzerland. As the first Chinese team to visit MT Robot, the delegation was warmly received by Beat Wagner, CEO, and Andreas Lehmann, CTO. All MT Robot products and solutions are developed and produced in Switzerland, mainly for industrial manufacturing (automobile-based) and medical industry. Their customers are concentrated in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and other regions.

On the morning of 5th July, the delegation visited the headquarter of the global leader in high precision machine tool technology, Starrag, located in Rorschach, Switzerland. Enrique delaPoza, Marketing Director of Starrag, Asia-Pacific and Spain, warmly received the delegation. Through an introduction to Starrag technology and solutions, as well as a visit to the production center of Starrag, manufacturing and assembly workshops, Enrique presented the delegation with the strength of a typical Swiss machine tool enterprise.

As a third-party professional service organization dedicated to promoting smart manufacturing, e-works will continue to provide opportunities for manufacturers to study and exchange abroad. In 2019, in addition to organize delegations to Japan, Germany, and the United States, e-works will also open study tours to Western Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France), Southern Europe (Switzerland, Italy), Taiwan, and Israel. We sincerely look forward to going together with you to explore world-renowned manufacturing companies and industrial software companies.

Special report about this event: http://m.e-works.net.cn/report/201906SouthEurope/SouthEurope.html

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