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2015 International Intelligent Manufacturing Forum Hosted Successfully

November 11 2015, Wuhan—Chinese Digital Enterprise online portal e-works announced that 2015 Global Intelligent Manufacturing Forum was hosted successfully at Ramada Plaza, Wuhan Optics Valley.

The forum received wide attention from government, nation-wide IT experts and manufacturers, and domestic and overseas mainstream vendors. About 800 participants attended the forum.

There are many highlights in the first global intelligent manufacturing forum. The forum analyzed national policies of “Made-in-China 2025”, “intelligent manufacturing”, “Internet+”, and discussed technology development and opportunities for industry transformation. It was divided into two general sessions: opportunities and challenges for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing technology outlook. Following the main sessions are two breakout sessions: intelligent equipment and smart factory, and intelligent manufacturing industrial software applications.

At the beginning of the forum, Mr. Xuebin Yan, Deputy Director of Wuhan Economic and Information Technology Commission made an opening speech on the forum. Mr. Yan said that manufacturers should have deep understandings of intelligent manufacturing before implementation and government need to guide enterprises with successful cases. Mr. Yujun Guo, Deputy Director of East-Lake Development Zone Administration Committee also made an opening speech. He introduced the status of manufacturers in East Lake Development Zone. In the good industry environment in the zone, some manufacturers are initiating intelligent manufacturing program and the committee will promote the transformation and upgrade of manufacturing as always.

Mr. Xuebin Yan, Deputy Director of Wuhan Economic and Information Technology Commission

Mr. Yujun Guo, Deputy Director of East-Lake Development Zone Administration Committee

Mr. Xiaopeng An, Deputy Director of Information and Software Service Industry Department, MIIT gave a speech on A New Round of Industry Transformation from the Viewpoint of Integration of Industrialization and Information. Mr. An pointed out that new conceptions of “Industry 4.0”, “Intelligent Manufacturing”, and “Internet+” on the one side have pointed out the future trends for manufacturing enterprises while on the other hand also brought more confusions and anxiety. More enterprises started to think whether it’s necessary to promote intelligent manufacturing and how to understand these conceptions systematically, comprehensively and objectively. Mr. An’s answer for that was it’s necessary to promote the integration of industrialization and information. In the course of intelligent manufacturing, data is the foundation, integration is the key and capacity is the thread.

Mr. Xiaopeng An, Deputy Director of Information and Software Service Industry Department, MIIT

Professor Peigen Li, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out that a new model of “Internet plus advanced manufacturing plus modern service industry” will push forward new technology, new industry, new patterns, and new business forms. However right now, many Chinese enterprises are still in the late stage of Industry 2.0, so in the 13th five-year plan these enterprises should hurry up the process to the Industry 4.0. Professor Li believed that enterprises cannot neglect industrial workers’ qualities when they vigorously invested on intelligent equipment; otherwise it is very hard for China to be a world factory.

Professor Peigen Li, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Professor Yusheng Shi, School of Material, HUST and Mr. Wei Du, e-works Consulting Director thoroughly interpreted the connotations of intelligent manufacturing policies, technology trends, and application status.

Left: Professor Yusheng Shi, School of Material, HUST;
Right: Mr. Wei Du, e-works Consulting Director;

Many executives and CIOs from large manufacturing enterprises came to share their experiences on intelligent manufacturing and implementation. They are Mr. Changkun Yan, VP of YOFC, Mr. Youbin Fan, General Manager of Everstar Apparel, Mr. Jiguang Jin, Board Director of Sohbi Craft, Mr. Hongbin Zhang, Lean Manufacturing Office Director of Kangni Mechanical and Electrical, Mr. Jianchao Sun, Information Center Director of FiberHome Technologies, Mr. Zhili Yao, Information Department Senior Manager of Dongfeng Automobile.

From left to right: Mr. Changkun Yan , Mr. Youbin Fan, Mr. Jiguang Jin

From left to right: Mr. Hongbin Zhang, Mr. Jianchao Sun, Mr. Zhili Yao

Many mainstream intelligent manufacturing vendors brought their solutions, including Huawei, Cisco, Siemens, Dell, MJ Intelligent Manufacturing System, Huazhong Numeral Control, Hikvision, Wuhan Fenjin Intelligent Machine, New Dimension Systems, EUNIVERSALS Technology, and EWININFO.

In panel discussion, there are three different topics: opportunities and challenges for intelligent manufacturing; intelligent equipment and smart factory applications; and how to build a real-time and smart factory.

Panel Discussion

Right now China is endeavoring to promote “Chinese Manufacturing 2025” and intelligent manufacturing to help manufacturing transformation and upgrading in the downward global economy. Both Industry 4.0 and Chinese Manufacturing 2025 are valuing the comprehensive application of intelligent manufacturing, which includes intelligent products, equipments, production, logistics, and services. The conference drew wide public and media attentions.

Dr. Pei Huang in an interview

The 2015 Global Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, with its large impact, is helping Chinese manufacturing enterprises understanding Industry 4.0 and Made-in-China 2025 conceptions. It also provides a platform for exchange of know-how, discussion, and sharing of intelligent manufacturing technologies and study cases.

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