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The first Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing Forum 2015 Successfully Hosted

July 2nd 2015, Shenzhen—e-works, Chinese Digital Enterprise Portal announced the successful conclusion of 1st Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing Forum and 12th Chinese Manufacturing Management IT Application Forum s in Shenzhen.

Based on the theme of "opportunities and challenges in the new wave of intelligent manufacturing ", this forum has attracted more than 300 conferees from over 20 provinces and cities and over 30 industries, including machinery, electronics, IT manufacturing, light industry, automotive, home appliances, food and beverages, petrochemical, iron and steel, energy and power, aerospace and defense.

Right now, China is vigorously promoting "Chinese manufacturing 2025" and intelligent manufacturing in realizing manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Enterprise Management IT application is essential in realizing intelligent management while facing intense market competition. On the forum, Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO gave a speech around "manufacturing and 'internet+ manufacturing'". He introduced the background of Germany Industry4.0, intelligent manufacturing's 5 development trends, as well as how should China response to internet+. He pointed out that although emerging technologies had impacted Chinese manufacturing profoundly and brought new opportunities for transformation and upgrading, Chinese manufacturing should stop following the hype and still needed more calm thoughts.

Dr. Pei Huang, e-works CEO

Professor Yuhui Wang, DG-HUST Manufacturing Engineering Institute, Guangdong Province Intelligent Manufacturing New Perceptive Technology International Innovation Team Leader based on Dr. Pei Huang's speech further analyzed intelligent manufacturing technology and application of RFID technology in intelligent manufacturing. He believed that intelligent devices, systems, and decisions means that industry world which represented by machine, device group, infrastructure and system network is deeply fusing with the digital world which represented by connected, big data and analysis.

Professor Yuhui Wang

On the forum, the industry vendors with advanced technologies and theories brought the latest management IT solutions and successful cases and interpreted the concepts of industrial Internet, smart factory, digital factory, and intelligent manufacturing.

Industrial Internet originated from the United States and was proposed by GE. Mr. Rong Zhao, GE Intelligent Platform Greater China Pre-sales Solution Director talked about how Industrial Internet got manufacturers move to smart factory. He made GE as an example and pointed out that when building smart factories, Industrial Internet technology is very useful in integrated design, advanced process, flexible factory, and supply chain optimization. Mr. Kun Liu, Yunxuntong Technology Principal Consultant interpreted digital factory's composition and main functions. Mr. Dongjun Lai, Honeywell Industrial Manufacturing and Logistics Industry Business Manager, Mr. Kun Meng, Digital China IT Service Product Center Technology Director, Mr. Biqun Tao, Hikvision Enterprise Industry Director, Ms. Cui Xu, Ultimus Senior Pre-sales Consultant, and Mr. Zhiwei Li, Epicor Solution Manager respectively interpreted how to realize intelligent manufacturing from four dimensions: operational performance improvements, ESB application, visualized general management, and business process integration and ERP hybrid application.

From left to right: Mr. Rong Zhao; Mr. Kun Liu; Mr. Dongjun Lai;

Upper left: Mr. Kun Meng; upper right: Mr. Biqun Tao;
Lower left: Ms. Cui Xu; lower right: Mr. Zhiwei Li;

Five manufacturing enterprise CIOs and IT principals respectively talked about their industry IT application experiences and their views on internet+ and intelligent manufacturing. They are Mr. Jian Lan, Vatti e-commerce Center General Manager, Mr. Dayong Zhou, Midea ERP manufacturing project Principal, Mr. Hetian Dong, Livzon Pharmaceutical Information Department Director, Mr. Xingang Zhang, BBK Electronics System Management Section Chief, and Mr. Min Wang, Mindray IT Director. Mr. Jian Lan said that Chinese customers are now transforming from rigid demand consumption to value consumption, and traditional enterprise product sale is moving to user-centric experience and service. Therefore, the most successful competition winner will be the one who can give customers perfect experience with lowest spending.

Upper left: Mr. Jian Lan; upper right: Mr. Dayong Zhou;
Lower from left to right: Mr. Hetian Dong; Mr. Xingang Zhang; Mr. Min Wang;

In the panel discussion session, based on the topic of "Chinese manufacturing 2025 and enterprise management transformation", guests discussed how manufacturing enterprises should promote applications of intelligent manufacturing technologies according to their own situations as well as what key issues should be addressed when realizing the integration of information and industrialization.

Panel Discussion

On the forum, e-works also released an intelligent manufacturing portal (http://www.imchina.net.cn). It is a service platform for disseminating intelligent manufacturing technology and knowledge as well as sharing domestic and overseas excellent cases and solutions so as to helping enterprise realize efficient production.

The forum closed very successfully. Focusing on promoting Chinese management IT applications, Chinese Manufacturing Management IT Application Forum is one of the most high-end and influential ERP conferences in China. The annual forum has been successfully hosted for 12 years. This year we focused on the new concept of "intelligent manufacturing" which was high recommended by presented manufacturers, vendors, and industry delegates.

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