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Emotron expands, opening a new office in China

Emotron opens an office in Shanghai, specialising in solutions for starting, protecting, controlling and stopping machines and processes driven by electric motors in water and industrial markets

Emotron reinforces its market presence in China with the opening of an office in Shanghai: six new distributors in different regions of China have already been linked to the office. Emotron is a Swedish company with manufacturing and development resources in Helsingborg and in Bladel, Holland: it has its own sales organisations in Sweden, Benelux, and Germany, as well as distributors and partners in a number of countries around the world. Emotron focuses on solutions for starting, protecting, controlling and stopping machines and processes driven by electric motors: for more than 30 years Emotron have developed a product portfolio for specifically chosen applications in water and industry, which has given us specialist competence in these areas.

With variable speed drives, softstarters, load monitors, and control systems, we offer our customers solutions that are reliable, cost-efficient, and user-friendly.

The purpose of the strategic venture into China is to become more involved in the Chinese market and to deliver quick and effective service and support to the company's distributors there.

'We have already succeeded in entering the Chinese market, which is very important for us.

The new office gives us more resources and enough power to assert ourselves in this vast market.

Furthermore, China is an important stepping stone to other countries in Asia, and the new office will be a significant base for us in the region as a whole,' says Jan-Eric Bergstrom, president of Emotron AB.

Emotron has contracted two people for the new office.

Li Xiaohai is the senior technical supervisor, and Liu Dong Bo is the sales and office manager.

Both have many years of experience working with European companies and drive systems.

The new Chinese distributors are also well-established on the market.

Their solid customer bases and good relationships with customers and authorities will help give Emotron a strong start.

Their extended geographical positions will mean convenience for customers and also the possibility for Emotron to provide excellent technical service.

'We see great sales potential for our solutions that protect, monitor, and control different types of production processes,' says Paul Gustavsson, marketing and sales director at Emotron, and also responsible for the China office.

'Increased sales mean that there will also be a need for good service to customers and distributors: the local presence will be our key to success in China.'

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