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 PLM in China
Centric Software PLM helps Baoxiniao Group Accelerate Digital Transformation at HAZZYS
source: CIMdata
Baoxiniao Group, a leading apparel group in China, has selected Centric Software to provide its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.
Baoxiniao Group, owner of the HAZZYS brand in China, was founded in 2001. Baoxiniao Group decided to investigate PLM solutions for the HAZZYS brand after observing the positive influence of PLM at other companies and embarked on an intensive selection process.

"We witnessed first-hand the significant advantages of using a PLM system for product design and development while researching overseas markets ¨C a project we initiated years ago,¡± explains Jin Hong'ai, Vice General Manager of HAZZYS. ¡°After ten years of business development in China and our rapid growth in the past two years, we realized that a powerful product R&D management platform is crucial to accelerating future business growth. HAZZYS is the first brand under Baoxiniao Group to implement a PLM solution. The Group leaders value it immensely, investing a lot of energy in the project including an intensive solution evaluation process. Finally, we selected Centric Software as our project partner.¡±

¡±I¡¯m very glad to see Centric, the leading PLM provider, collaborating with and providing tremendous support to HAZZYS,¡± says Ge Qipeng, General Manager of HAZZYS. ¡°Sharp tools make good work. We will successfully implement the project with a joint effort and strong partnership from both parties. We will also promote our implementation of Centric PLM as a benchmark project in the apparel industry.¡±

¡°We do not regard PLM as just software, but more as an advanced working method for productivity. The research and development of fashion goods is an art, while PLM software is a technology. We believe that HAZZYS and Centric will realize the perfect combination of art and technology.¡±

¡°We are very pleased to announce that Baoxiniao Group has selected Centric as their PLM partner for the HAZZYS brand,¡± says Chris Groves, President and CEO of Centric Software. ¡°HAZZYS is a dynamic brand that will go from strength to strength with a powerful PLM system supporting product R&D. We are looking forward partnering with them now and in the future.¡±