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Joyung Uses Teamcenter with Active Workspace for Rapid Development
source: CIMdata
Joyoung Co. Ltd., China's most influential small household appliance brand for eight consecutive years, uses Teamcenter with Active Workspace to improve product development and manufacturing.
Joyoung uses Teamcenter primarily for data and project management and application software integration management, enabling collaboration and process automation for users across the product lifecycle. The company has tailored Active Workspace, the innovative interface for Teamcenter that provides users with a streamlined and intuitive PLM user experience, to support the development of all product lines.

When choosing a product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution, Joyoung considered the following key criteria to decide on Teamcenter:
  1. The PLM system should be a proven product that is influential in the industry;
  2. It must have successful implementations and application cases in the household appliance industry;
  3. It should be accompanied by strong team implementation and technical support capabilities.
With the implementation of Teamcenter, Joyoung gradually discovered that the PLM solution is more than a data management system. The business rules embedded in Teamcenter are derived from industry best practices and help standardize and optimize Joyoung¡¯s business processes. In addition, Siemens PLM Software¡¯s technical and business support teams provided Joyoung with expert guidance in formulating business rules.

¡°Teamcenter is very helpful for Joyoung in terms of both data management and business management," said Jing Jin, PLM Project Manager, Joyoung. "It has enhanced Joyoung¡¯s business process, making work more systematic and efficient.¡±

¡°In the future, Joyoung hopes to make full use of Siemens PLM Software¡¯s capability of consolidating resources to move quickly from market requirements to products, and improve the process from development and design to product service,¡± Jin says.