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ZWCAD Mechanical & Architecture 2018 have been Unveiled
source: CIMdata
Having released its latest version ZWCAD 2018, ZWSOFT, a professional and innovative CAD software provider, launched ZWCAD Mechanical 2018 and ZWCAD Architecture 2018 successively today.
Built on ZWCAD 2018, ZWCAD Mechanical 2018 and ZWCAD Architecture 2018 each has an additional mechanical or architecture module, in which extra specialized tools are provided for manufacturing or architecture design. Therefore, they are competent to provide vertical solutions to MCAD or AEC industry.

Having been optimized for enhanced compatibility and stability, ZWCAD Mechanical 2018 and ZWCAD Architecture 2018 will bring you more efficient, stable and fluent user experience. What¡¯s more, in some Mechanical language versions, the mechanical menus are already localized to the corresponding languages, since the menus are redefined as a partial customization file instead of a MNU file.

ZWCAD 2018not only supports Ribbon tabs and panels as before, but also supports to customize toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus. What¡¯s more, Partial CUI helps users and developers to build their own Ribbon inside of ZWCAD.

The drawing efficiency of ZWCAD 2018 is improved by 146% compared with the last version and the stability is also significantly strengthened under the automated testing procedure with thousands of drawings.

There are many new features and enhancements in ZWCAD 2018, such as the Quick Calculator, AIDIMFLIPARROW, Solid Profile, Mvsetup, Imagequality, 4K screen support, Find Command, etc.

ZWCAD 2018 supports LISP, VBA, ZRX and .NET interfaces, and more and more applications are already ported to ZWCAD, such as CAD Profi, MDT.