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Dassault Syst¨¨mes Supports Industrial Strategies in France and China with its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
source: CIMdata
Dassault Systèmes today announced that digital platforms for innovation are at the heart of industrial strategies in France and China. As its ¡°Manufacturing in the Age of Experience¡± event takes place in Shanghai from November 3-4, 2016, Dassault Systèmes is uniquely positioned to demonstrate how digital technology is a main driver of France¡¯s ¡°Industry of the Future¡± and China¡¯s ¡°Made in China 2025¡± industrial innovation programs to reduce manufacturing costs, increase efficiencies and sustainability, inspire creativity and generate new business models.
Today the internet is taking on an industrial dimension whereby new equipment, materials, autonomous robots and other technologies are transforming the way goods are produced. Industrial innovation must integrate multiple digital concepts to revolutionize existing processes and create a dynamic, holistic and more sustainable production model that results in a better consumer experience. Governments and companies around the world are recognizing the industrial and economic potential in launching manufacturing automation and optimization initiatives to revitalize industry by having these digital concepts at their core.

Both France and China have placed a strong focus on the use of digital platforms to accelerate industrial change through an integrated, end-to-end collaboration between people, information and ideas.

¡°Beginning in 2012, the French government launched a wide range of reforms to help the country's industry take advantage of the digital revolution,¡± said Christophe Sirugue, French Minister of State for Industry. ¡°France's industrial base has come together in the ¡®Industry of the Future¡¯ alliance, to which the government has allocated a nine billion euro budget. France's industry is open towards the world, and China is the best place to shed new light on our innovations.¡±

Dassault Syst¨¨mes is co-leader of France¡¯s ¡°Industry of the Future¡± alliance, and is also working closely with industry in China to digitally transform its manufacturing sector, currently the largest in the world. In addition to organizing and hosting ¡°Manufacturing in the Age of Experience,¡± the company is collaborating on projects involving the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with leading businesses aspiring to the ¡°Made in China 2025¡± objectives.

¡°Digital¡¯s most visible value is to increase productivity and competitiveness, but its true power is the imagination. Manufacturers that succeed will be those that will create a world which does not yet exist,¡± said Pascal Daloz, Executive Vice President, Brands and Corporate Development, Dassault Syst¨¨mes. ¡°Dassault Syst¨¨mes provides 3DEXPERIENCE universes for collaboration and innovation to implement innovative strategies in supply and demand. The digital factory is not only virtual, connected and automated, but is above all an execution system, where men¡¯s skills are turned to innovation, performance, quality and continuous change. The virtual becomes constitutive of the products themselves. As a consequence, the value is migrating to the cloud services where data are a strategic asset for the industry to reinvent itself.¡±