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Chinese manufacturing
 Chinese manufacturing
Industry leaders talk biofuel in Wuhan  [11-30-2018]
Machinery manufacturing fair boosts Sino-Russian ties  [11-01-2018]
China Industrial Forum to boost innovation in traditional industries  [10-26-2018]
Petroleum conference building partnerships  [10-18-2018]
World air route development forum opens in Guangzhou  [09-17-2018]
Conference to showcase 40 years of aviation  [09-03-2018]
China-ASEAN new energy forum opens in Yunnan  [08-29-2018]
Aviation cooperation with UK to see renewed momentum  [07-18-2018]
China-America Bio-Partnering Forum held in Chicago  [06-01-2018]
Over 400 projects signed during manufacturing convention  [05-28-2018]
Old industrial base in Northeast China attracts global investors  [05-24-2018]
Energy conservation forum in Guangzhou to attract global companies  [05-24-2018]
Homegrown chips in govt purchase plan for first time  [05-23-2018]
Cross-border e-commerce conference opens in Central China  [05-10-2018]
Construction sector displays its strength at Paris trade show  [04-24-2018]
Manufacturing summit set for Anhui province in May  [04-18-2018]
Entry of overseas exhibits for trade show may be expedited  [03-12-2018]
High tech fair kicks off in Shenzhen Thursday  [11-15-2017]