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Chinese manufacturing
 Chinese manufacturing
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China aims for more efficient, advanced logistics network  [02-16-2017]
EU proposes extension of Chinese solar duties by 18 months  [02-08-2017]
Draft of first e-commerce law under review  [12-19-2016]
Apple partners with Chinese wind-power company to further cut carbon emissions  [12-08-2016]
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Automakers post massive profit growth  [02-20-2017]
The party is over for China's automakers; a hangover awaits in 2017  [12-09-2016]
Beijing's EV battery policy loses touch with reality  [12-02-2016]
Huawei¡¯s focus on broadband in Asia may highlight bigger rifts in global tech  [12-01-2016]
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Chinese companies lead the way at Barcelona Smart City expo  [11-17-2016]
Wuzhen Summit recognizes world-leading internet achievements  [11-17-2016]
Weird machines at 'artificial citizens' fair  [10-27-2016]
Forum on low-carbon development held in Shanxi  [09-13-2016]