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Paperless product development helps energize Shaangu Power's success

Shaangu Power is using Teamcenter® software from product lifecycle management (PLM) provider Siemens PLM Software to improve product management, and NXTM software to design complex parts and components in 3D. A manufacturer, system integrator and service provider of turbo-machinery system solutions, Shaangu Power faces major product R&D challenges.

Meeting customer demand for increasingly complex products

Before implementing PLM, the company relied on Excel® spreadsheets to record project information. Planners maintained schedules manually, submitting documents to the Chief Engineer's Office for centralized filing. There was virtually no information sharing, and there were multiple sources of non-standard data.

Meanwhile, customers demanded increasingly more complex products and faster delivery, which drove higher costs, diminished profit margins and challenged research and development (R&D) capacity. Shaangu Power needed to provide competitively- priced, high-quality products while maximizing profits. To help address these challenges, company engineers chose to implement Teamcenter.

"Using Teamcenter enables us to better manage drawings and documents, coding, changes, versions, projects, R&D data, historical data and product structure," says Shaangu Power.

Shanghai Origin Enterprise Solutions Ltd., a Siemens PLM Software partner, helped implement Teamcenter, establish a project management system, integrate data and enable the use of electronic signatures for project approvals.

Teamcenter helps improve project management
Teamcenter helps planners monitor progress using a single source of standard data that can be easily accessed by authorized users. "Teamcenter enables us to export project information in a unified way, improving response time while enabling better management over personnel and deliverables," Shaangu Power. "We have improved efficiency, simplified processes and task allocation standards, and can now share project information immediately. Importantly, Teamcenter also enables us to quickly obtain feedback about task completion, order distribution and execution."

With the help of Teamcenter, Shaangu Power has built an execution system that provides accurate, standardized data to downstream departments such as logistics, manufacturing and product services. "Teamcenter has also helped us maintain competitive advantages, realize strategies and enhance R&D capabilities," says Shaangu Power.

Information system integration based on Teamcenter
Teamcenter enables engineers to edit 2D drawings created using AutoCAD® software, generate bills of materials (BOMs) and quickly export summary sheets. NX enables engineers to develop composite 2D/3D design models, using 3D design for complex, structured parts and 2D design for simpler structures.

Using Teamcenter, engineers transfer engineering BOMs (eBOMs) to the computer-aided process planning (CAPP) system, which is then used to reproduce complete eBOMs and compile technical materials. Teamcenter integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) enables users to transfer BOMs to the ERP system for further usage.

"The use of Teamcenter has been widely applied at Shaangu Power, involving R&D, design, technology, automation engineering, reverse engineering, package design, finance, logistics and operations," says Shaangu Power. "Engineers at both our Xi'an and Lintong plants share information and design collaboratively."

Virtually paperless production
Implementing Teamcenter has helped Shaangu Power improve information sharing and provide accurate, standard data, helping the company transition from paper-based to electronic models. This eliminates manual file transfers and enables engineers to more easily review designs.

"Teamcenter has helped us implement paperless production, unify printing management, limit the printing of drawings and reduce production costs," says Shaangu Power. "With Teamcenter, we no longer spend much time tracking and coordinating, and we've eliminated drawing interchange and printing requests."

At Shaangu Power, paper-based change orders are gone. Electronic change orders are eliminating the transfer of physical material across disciplines, while clarifying responsibilities. Other benefits include improved efficiency and version management. Teamcenter has also helped Shaangu Power shorten design cycles, optimize technical management and establish a standardized execution system.

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