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China company reports first export of any domestic vaccine

With the export of its hepatitis A vaccine last month to India, Zhejiang Pukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. became China's first company to ship a vaccine internationally

Shanghai.? January 16. INTERFAX-CHINA - With the export of its hepatitis A vaccine? last? month to India, Zhejiang Pukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. became China's? first company to ship a vaccine internationally that was wholly developed by a Chinese company.

Last month, Zhejiang Pukang Co., exported the first batch of 50,000 Live Attenuated? Hepatitis A vaccines to India, and the next batch of vaccine of 100,000 vaccines will be exported to India soon. The company plans to export vaccines to Southeast Asia and Central America.The vaccine? is wholly developed by Zhejiang Pukang Co., Ltd., and first was marketed in China in 1992.

Zhejiang Pukang obtained Indian import approval for the vaccine in April 2005 and? marketing approval in that country in September 2005. "This is the first? time? that? the? vaccines that were developed and produced by Chinese? companies? successfully? made? their way into the international world," sales manager of Zhejiang Pukang, surnamed Bao, told Interfax. Zhejiang Pukang cooperated with a large Indian pharmaceutical company to sell the vaccines. The first batch of 50,000 vaccines sold well in eight cities in India.? Zhejiang? Pukang? is? in? talks? with? some Southeast Asia countries and Central? American? countries.? "We have already submitted some documents for vaccine? registration? in? some? countries,? and? we? expect? to get approvals soon," Wu said.

Hepatitis? A? is? a? contagious? disease,? and? mainly? takes? place in developing? countries.? Each? year, about 14 mln people in the world are affected by the disease, with medical expenses reaching USD 1.5 bln. Zhejiang? Pukang? is mainly engaged in the production of live attenuated hepatitis? A? vaccine? small? volume? injection? and freeze-dried powder injections.? The? company? has? 40%-50%? of? the? market? share? of live attenuated hepatitis A vaccine in China, ranking No.1.

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