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Gear units sold to China

Flender Power Transmission supplies FZG gear units to two coal export terminals in north-east China.

Flender Power Transmission has supplied its FZG gear units to two coal export terminals in north-east China. The railcar unloading systems associated with these terminals will support the movement of coal from the north to new power stations in the south. Both projects are being managed by Metso Minerals of the UK.

The largest of the two projects is at Qinhuandao, with the other at Rizhao.

The FZG units were first specified at Rizhao in 1984, and are still operating on the existing dumpers and railcar marshalling systems.

The current expansion began in 2004 and will be completed early in 2006.

For Qinhuandao, Flender supplied gear units for three triple unit train car dumper systems, containing two drive assemblies per line for the dumper drives.

Each set comprised 250kW drives with FZGs (size K3DM13) having extended centre distances, Siemens motors with VVVF drives, and three sets of brakes (two high-speed, one low-speed), along with Flender Zapex couplings.

For the marshalling systems, each indexer machine is powered by 12 vertically mounted drive units (36 in total), fitted with torque limiting couplings, brakes and planetary gear units with extended shaft cartridges and pinions.

These units incorporate 90kW Siemens motors, controlled by VVVF drives.

Coal from trains will be unloaded at a rate of 7200ton/hr per dumper system.

Base frame assemblies were also constructed to provide cradle stops as well as lock mechanisms for maintenance.

Bearing pedestals and spacer couplings covered spans of up to 20m and pinions were also included.

For the Rizhao project, Flender supplied gear units for two tandem car dumper and marshalling systems handling random railcars.

Coal from trains will be unloaded at a rate of 3600ton/hr per dumper system.

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