Mainstream implementation service providers in China PLM market

There is a batch of implementation service providers in China PLM market. Here are some mainstream implementation service providers.

There is a batch of implementation service providers in China PLM market. They often grow up from tool software agent to gradually build their own consultant, implementation, service and secondary development abilities. Then they can implement PLM software and provide related services to customers. Meanwhile, they also develop their own products during the practice and are able to provide the integrated PLM solutions. Here are some mainstream implementation service providers.

United Force Corporation (UFC): http://www.ufc.com.cn/en/home/index.php. UFC is a channel partner of Siemens PLM. UFC is headquartered in Beijing and has four branches located in Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha and Xi’an in China. UFC has many strategic partners, like Siemens PLM Software, ESI, SENER, TWS, HP and other well-known IT companies, together provide high quality software and hardware and leading solutions for Chinese manufacturers. UFC’s Chinese customers have covered many industries, such as the aerospace and defense, Automotive and Transportation, High Tech and Electronics, Machinery and Industrial Products, Medical treatment apparatus, etc.

BPLead.com: http://www.bplead.com. BPLead.com is a high-tech enterprise that concentrating on helping R&D and manufacturing enterprises to improve the whole level of products R&D management and practical operational capacities. BPLead.com is a channel partner of PTC with the largest scale in China.

Shanghai Origin Enterprise Solutions Co. Ltd.: http://www.origin.com.cn/en/index/. As a professional company specialized in providing PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solutions and consulting services, Shanghai Origin Enterprise Solutions Co. Ltd. provide large and medium-size enterprises and multinational corporation R&D Organizations with PLM solutions, including R&D generate strategy, R&D Process evaluation and optimization, R&D systematization implementation, structuration Enterprise Knowledge Management, project IT implementation and development.

Zhixiang Technology CO., Ltd.: http://www.zx-tech.com. Founded in Apr. 2001 in Nanjing, Zhixiang Technology CO., Ltd. specialized in providing services in PLM integration and implementation, and it is the highest level value-added reseller in China authorized by the Siemens PLM Software. In January, 2007, Zhixiang International was founded in Hongkong. It won Siemens PLM APAC Channel Award recently. Zhixiang Technology is also the Gold value-added reseller authorized by Autodesk, providing the sales and services of Moldflow for plastic industry.

Jiangda Technology Development Co., Ltd.: http://www.jiangdatech.com/. Jiangda was established in 1997, with more than 300 customers and 8 offices in China now. It has become one of the most excellent business partners for Dassault Systèmes at the last 5 years. Jiangda provides CATIA, ENOVIA (VPLM, SmarTeam, MatrixOne), DELMIA, ICEM SURF, SIMULIA, Q-Checker, Work-NC, IGE-XAO and other solutions.

RP Technology Co., Ltd.: http://www.rp-tech.com.cn. RP is a hi-tech company that providing digital technologies and professional services for Chinese manufacturers. RP headquartered in Hongkong, and it has 6 branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Paris.

Atoz Group: http://www.atoz.com.cn. Atoz Group is one of the important partners of Dassault Systèmes, is also a partner of LMS.

Cass International: http://www.800plm.com/eindex.asp. Cass International is a software agent and system integration services for high-technology enterprise is dedicated to manufacturing research and development consulting services company, currently based in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen with branch offices. Cass International has an experienced, skilled, proactive and responsible, the technical services team, which members are mostly battle-hardened of the industry elite. Hundreds of projects immersion baptism, the perfect team building day by day, won by customers, successful completion of the ABB, SUNTEN, ThyssenKrupp, the sets, exquisite tires, Keda Electrical, Tellhow technology projects.

PISX: http://www.pisx.com. PISX is a specialized company engaging in PLM solution consulting, planning, customized R&D and implementing, and committing to providing efficient “Integrated Product Development Platform” for customers. PISX has 5 years cooperation experience with the GSO and sales departments of PTC, and is the main service outsourcing provider and product sales agent of PTC in APAC.

UDS: http://www.udschina.com. Founded in 1995, UDS is a hi-tech software service company for manufacturing industry and provide integrated solutions including CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM products and services. UDS is the professional core partner of Siemens PLM Software in China who has the longest history and widest product lines. UDS is the platinum level agent authorized by Siemens PLM Software, and is one of the earliest NX software training centers.

RUHESOFT: http://www.ruihesoft.com. Founded in 1997, RUHESOFT is a mainstream channel partner of Autodesk in the field of Chinese manufacturing, with 6 branches in China. RUHESOFT is also the partner of Altium. It has more than 5000 customers in China.

AMAX Global Services (AGS): http://www.amaxgs.com/home.shtml. As the gold level agent of Oracle, AGS provides the professional consultant and implementation services of Oracle Agile PLM solution in China and global, including Product Collaboration, Product Portfolio Management, Product Quality Management, Product Cost Management, Engineering Collaboration, Enterprise Visualization and Product Governance & Compliance.

SolidWizard Technology: http://www.solidwizard.com.tw. Founded in 1997, SolidWizard Technology is a value-added reseller of SolidWorks in Greater China. It offers complete system integrations and consultative services in seven product lines: CAID, CAD, CAE, RP/RE, CAM, PDM and PM. The company has received great recognition and reputation from a larger user community and has achieved the highest market share in Greater China. The head office of SolidWizard Technology is based in Taipei. It currently has branches in eleven major cities throughout Greater China region: Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Dongguan, Ningbo, Tianjin, Nanjing, Suzhou and Xiamien.

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