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Wuling's electric car to debut in U.S.

Electric vehicles made by China's Liu Zhou Wuling Motor Co. are headed towards the United States.

A new Wuling-built micro-car electric vehicle,called SMILE-E

Earlier this year, the first batch of 100 Wuling-made small electric trucks and vans were exported to the United States. A new Wuling-built micro-car electric vehicle, called SMILE-E, will be launched later this year, says Bill Fisher, CEO of Florida-based AmAsia International Automotive LLC.

The vehicles can be legally operated on public roads there but are restricted to speeds of 40 km per hour.

"We are working with Wuling Special Vehicle Operations, which is modifying SGMW small trucks and vans," says Fisher.

The electric trucks and vans were modified for the U.S. market by engineers at Wuling Special Vehicle Operations, a subsidiary of Wuling.

"They are removing the internal combustion engines and installing electric motors, controllers and battery packs to produce plug-in vehicles that meet U.S. federal safety standards as a low speed vehicle," says Fisher.

AmAsia's goal is to be among the first companies to bring Chinese manufactured automobiles to the United States, says Fisher.

"We have been setting the groundwork for four years now and patiently waiting for the right time and the right partner," he says.

SGMW is a joint venture between Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., General Motors and Wuling Motors Co.  Located in Liuzhou of southwest China's Guangxi region, Wuling is a state owned enterprise.

"I think we're just at the very beginning of our development and looking forward to the next direction Wuling's engineering team will take us in,"says Fisher.

"Hopefully that includes highway speed autos that will be able to meet U.S. safety standards."

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