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Abas Software -- The Innovative Solutions

The Innovative Solutions, Aims at Helping Enterprises On Business Transformation, and Facing the Challenges of New Policies of Processing Trade

Abas, the leading international ERP provider on Linux, is now promoting the newly release dinnovative solutions -- Abas 123 and Abas Financial. By using these solutions, it can enhance the confidence of manufacturers to face the new policies of processing trade.

The outward processing trade enterprises are now worried about the new policies on Processing Trade which were release by Chinese government last year. They included Adjusting the export tax rebate rate of some goods and the addition of the processing trade ban catalog, Tax merger, DTA and so on which highly strike more than 10 thousands outward processing enterprises in China and will induce an increase in production cost and tax while a drop in competitiveness. In this situation, manufacturers will have to consider a severe problem -- their own survival. Apart from this, there are several problems that manufacturers may face, e.g. the business direction, way to start, risk avoidance and business reorganization in the continually growth and development.

From now on, enterprises are no longer needed to bother these problems. Abas deeply understand the processing trade regulations and the point of pain the manufacturers are facing. It devotes to solve the manufacturers' problems with innovative solutions.

On the "Total IT & EII Solutions for SMEs & Manufacturers" seminars which were held on 1st, June at Hong Kong Scout Centre, Mr. Vincent Lau, the COO of Abas-PRC, said, "Abas always devotes to provide first-class business solutions to those developing enterprises in China. We are aware of the need of manufacturers' restructuring after the new policies carrying out. Regarding on this issue, we released the products -- Abas 123 and Abas Financial on the one hand and combined with experts from tax and bank to provide tax consultation, bank financing service on the other hand. Manufacturers can easily deal with the related problems with the use of Abas solutions and the help from accounting firms and banks, restructuring will be very easy."

How about the price? It is definitely very attractive. It only costs HKD168,000 to purchase 3 user licenses, professional training andconsultancy services. Mr. Lau said, "The users can choose to install Abas software on Linux platform which also save the cost".

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