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Huawei launched solutions to find the right industrial digitalization technology

Huawei Technologies Co has launched a range of innovative infrastructure solutions to drive industry digitalization by finding the right technology for the right scenario.

The move is part of broader push by the Chinese tech heavyweight to help accelerate digital transformation in a wide range of sectors.

Ding Yun, president of Huawei's enterprise business group, said: "Deeper digital transformation will help companies better adapt to an ever-changing world. Huawei is working closely with our partners to find the right technology for the right scenario, support customers in furthering their digital transformation and to unleash the power of digital".

According to Huawei, multi-tech synergy is critical for finding the right technology for the right scenario. Data is at the core of digital transformation, and data ingestion, transmission, storage and analysis are key steps. Huawei provides full-stack products and product portfolios to support end-to-end data processing, accelerating customers' digital transformation.

Huawei officially released its white paper, Data Storage Power – The Digital Cornerstone of High-Quality Development at Huawei Connect 2022, a company conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Examining the development of the storage industry, the white paper defines quantitative indicators to measure data storage capabilities and analyzes the current data storage landscape across different regions around the world. It aims to help governments and enterprises better evaluate, design and build data storage capabilities.

Gu Xuejun, vice president of Huawei IT Product Line, said: "The data storage capability is currently measured by capacity. However, with the rapid development of the industry and the emergence of new, diversified data services such as AI and big data, capacity alone is not enough to measure the future development and construction of storage systems. We need a more scientific definition and evaluation system to effectively measure data storage capabilities".

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