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JVCKENWOOD Deploys Cadence Spectre FX Simulator and Comprehensive Design Flows to Improve Productivity

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced JVCKENWOOD has adopted the new Spectre FX Simulator and comprehensive design flows to accelerate IC development of its consumer electronics applications while minimizing overall design risk.

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced JVCKENWOOD has adopted the new Spectre® FX Simulator and multiple Cadence® custom, analog, digital and verification solutions to accelerate IC development of its consumer electronics applications while minimizing overall design risk. With the constant evolution of consumer electronics and shifting design requirements, JVCKENWOOD decided to replace its previous IC EDA vendor and adopt Cadence-based flows to ensure its designs are high quality and compatible with future design requirements.

JVCKENWOOD has deployed a broad set of Cadence solutions, including the Cadence Virtuoso® Schematic Editor, Virtuoso ADE Product Suite, Virtuoso Layout Suite, the Spectre Simulation Platform, Xcelium™ Logic Simulation and Quantus™ Extraction Solution. Specifically, JVCKENWOOD selected Cadence for its robust tool sets that are anchored by the industry-standard Virtuoso platform; the seamless integration between circuit, layout and analysis tools; the Virtuoso-PDK readiness and support at major foundries; and the extension of the Virtuoso platform to integrate system design technology. Additionally, JVCKENWOOD needed more system-level design capabilities that are offered in the Virtuoso flow, such as photonics, thermal reliability, RFIC-PKG co-design and electromagnetic (EM) analysis.

In the consumer electronics industry, meeting aggressive time-to-market deadlines for delivery is critical. A misstep in delivering a timely, quality design to the market could mean the difference between a successful product launch and missing a valuable market opportunity. The Cadence solutions minimized the learning curve for JVCKENWOOD engineers because each toolset incorporates the same familiar use models. With the new Spectre FX Simulator, JVCKENWOOD achieved highly accurate and 3X faster simulation performance to ensure their IC designs function as intended and meet specifications. In addition, the Cadence tools provide JVCKENWOOD with the following benefits:
  • The Virtuoso ADE Assembler lets JVCKENWOOD engineers track and analyze design specifications easily, ensuring better product quality
  • The Spectre Simulation Platform, which includes the new Spectre FX Simulator, provides reliable simulation accuracy, speed and capacity
  • The Xcelium Simulator offers close compatibility with the Virtuoso and Spectre platforms to deliver efficient mixed-signal simulation and verification
  • The Quantus Extraction Solution provides deep integration and accurate information about parasitic influences on their designs, ensuring better product quality
  • “To deliver high-value solutions to our customers in the Automotive, Public Service and Media Service sectors, we must hit specific time-to-market targets to be successful,” said Yoshio Sonoda, Director of the Board, CTO, at JVCKENWOOD. “Adopting comprehensive Cadence design flows, which include the newly introduced Spectre FX Simulator, helps us to not only design, analyze and verify our products with complete confidence, but also helps us deliver those designs with a 40% time-to-market reduction in a specific product group. By adopting a broad set of Cadence solutions, we are ensuring that we can be successful today while benefitting from flows that can adapt to our future needs.”

“Cadence continues to innovate and bring new solutions to market, such as our new Spectre FX Simulator, and we also place a strong emphasis on integrating new tools into solutions that provide optimal value to our customers,” said Tom Beckley, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Custom IC and PCB Group, Cadence. “Our vision and delivery of complete system solutions for chip, package and board provide JVCKENWOOD with a substantially better design and verification environment than they had previously with other vendors.”

The new Spectre FX Simulator and custom, analog, digital and verification toolsets support the Cadence Intelligent System Design™ strategy, enabling SoC design excellence.

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