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Coca-Cola China unveils recycled bottle bag to spread environmental awareness

Coca-Cola China recently launched its first WeCare Bag, made from recycled bottles, in an effort to explore the new circular economy model and advocate responsible consumption.

Through this process, recycled beverage bottles are transformed into trendy and functional "WeCare Bags" and go back to consumers' hands, completing a closed loop of recycling.

With a smiley face emoji on the bag, Coca-Cola China's WeCare Bag is also called the Emoji Bag. The smiley face on the bag is one of the most representative visual icons for Coca-Cola China's "WeCare" value proposition, aiming to bring a virtual "smile" to the real world and promote sustainable lifestyles. The bag is now available at the Coca-Cola Tmall flagship store.

This initiative is part of the beverage giant's plan to achieve its goal of "helping collect and recycle the equivalent of 100 percent of its packaging by 2030".

Coca-Cola China actively responds to the government's call to build a "Green China" and "Waste-Free City", and works with public welfare organizations and social enterprises to explore methods of effective recycling, recycled material utilization and public education.

The company has in recent years used recycled plastic bottles to develop a number of public education assets, such as silk scarves, umbrellas, raincoats and "24 bags".

Efforts to enhance the public's awareness of the value of plastic recycling are also on the agenda.

Coca-Cola China has joined with to advocate the idea of responsible consumption by leveraging JD's logistics supply chain to recycle bottles from households.

On the same day of the launch the WeCare Bag, Coca-Cola China donated a batch of such bags tailored with Hainan Lijin folk elements to students at Hainan college in Haikou of Hainan province, to promote green development to the younger generation, support local public education for sustainable development and contribute to the construction of an ecological island in the province.

Coca-Cola China has more than 20 brands and offers around 100 beverage choices to local consumers, with a total of 46 production facilities in the country.

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