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NB-IoT boosts Wuxi smart city construction

NB-IoT is a cellular-based narrowband Internet of Things (IoT). Focusing specifically on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life, and high connection density, NB-IoT is an important foundation for the future development of the IoT.

China has issued a number of policies since 2017 clarifying that in the next three years the country will build an industrial chain based on NB-IoT network technology.

In May 2017, Wuxi became the first prefecture-level city of the country to achieve full NB-IoT coverage.

NB-IoT is reliable and has a wider coverage range and lower power consumption. It can be applied to smart city projects, such as smart parking and environmental monitoring.

An IoT geomagnetic vehicle inspection device based on China Mobile's NB-IoT technology is used in the parking area of Yihong Road in Wuxi Binhu district. It is the first standardized terminal-to-terminal application of NB-IoT conducted by the Wuxi branch of China Mobile.

With high stability and wide coverage, NB-IoT enables devices in open-air parking lots to overcome electricity limitations and achieve intelligent operation. At present, 5,000 parking spaces in Liangxi district and Binhu district have been upgraded to intelligent status.

NB-IoT technology is also increasingly used in the field of smart energy management. Relying on NB-IoT technology, smart electricity meters have been installed in households in Wuxi to realize remote automatic collection of power data and help residents use electricity reasonably, and trials on smart water meters have been carried out in Liangxi district and the Hongshan Street in Xinwu district.

Smart gas meter reading has started trial operation in households in Wuxi's Hongshan IoT town. Smart parking, smart urban management and other smart city projects have launched demonstration applications for NB-IoT.

In July this year, Wuxi included NB-IoT upgrading into its development goals in the Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Construction of New Smart City in Wuxi (2018-2020).

Wuxi will push forward construction of world-leading urban information network infrastructure and speed up smart city development, said acting mayor Huang Qin.

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