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Curved screen displays poised for explosive growth

The curved screen display is expected to witness explosive growth and create a potent new force in the global consumer electronics market.

Compared with flat-screen television, the curved screen television presents a stronger sense of space and is three-dimensional, creating an immersive experience, and the image distortion rate also has been obviously improved, said industry experts at a curved screen TV forum held in Beijing.

Electronics giants Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd, Haier Group, Hisense Group, TCL Corp, LeEco Holdings Ltd and Xiaomi Corp have entered into the field of manufacturing curved screen TVs.

As a new product, the curved screen TV has become an indispensable force in the segmented TV market. With the advancement of curved screen technology and the layout of major players in the field, the curved screen TV will become a new engine to drive the growth of the display market, according to Samsung.

It said the curved screen display could bring about the best gaming experience and the small screen could give an immersed feeling, adding the most popular game is an entry point.

Experts showed their confidence about the prospect of the curved screen TV, deeming the day for it to join the mainstream TV market is not far away.

"With the upgrade of Chinese consumption demand, major enterprises' efforts and the Olympic Games in 2016, curved screen TVs and displays will witness an explosive growth," said Lu Renbo, deputy secretary general of China's Electronic Chamber of Commerce.

Lu added that this year is perceived as the first year of rapid growth for curved screen products.

Market research firm China Market Monitor Co Ltd estimated the sales of curved screen TVs will reach 2.3 million units this year, with the number surpassing 4 million units next year.

Samsung and 11 other TV and display manufacturers formed a coalition of curved screen during the forum.

Gao Sumei, executive secretary of the China Information Technology Industry Federation, said that with many mainstream TV and display enterprises stepping into the field, it makes the "cake" bigger. The establishment of the coalition will promote the curved screen towards a new journey, Gao added.

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